Do you want to bring more leads to your site? Pay per click marketing is an excellent way to do it. A well-executed pay per click campaign might be a great way to improve revenue and conversion rates of your website. The executor should have a comprehensive understanding of AdWords and know all the Google AdWords campaign tips and tricks. A poorly managed pay per click or just PPC campaign can bring less than it costs. A target audience of each industry is different, but we will cover the basic strategies that will work in every PPC campaigns for your business. You do not necessarily have to spend lots of money on PPC advertising especially if you have a tiny budget. You have to ensure that the money you put in AdWords campaigns does not get wasted. There are 5 AdWords campaign tips that are often underestimated when executing PPC campaigns.

These tips differ from each other in terms of difficulty and effectiveness, but you will see a massive development after you apply these elements into your pay per click campaigns and make more profit.


1. Create a relevant landing page




The goal of pay per click marketing is to make sales. Just getting clicks on your ad is not enough. If a lot of people click on your ad but don’t purchase your product because you failed to convince buyers that they are at the right place and looking at the right product, you will lose money on AdWords campaigns and receive a bad return on your investment. A fantastic PPC ad takes consumers to a landing page. Once a user is on the landing page, it is the job of the landing page to convert the consumer into a buyer.


Keeping consistency between the ad copy, landing pages and keywords must lower your cost per click while increasing conversion rates and click-through. It means you can make more profit while keeping your budget and it’s one of the best tips for Adwords campaign.


 One of the critical AdWords campaign tips is the repetition of the words on the ads and landing pages. This means what you write on the ad should also be reflected on your landing page. Consumers have already shown that they are interested in your product when they saw your ad, so it is essential to put the same words on your ads and landing pages, so the users don’t confuse and be sure that they are in the right place. If you follow this guideline, you might design more compelling advertisements and help the people comprehend your value and make more conversions.


2. Use Negative Keywords


One of the greatest AdWords campaign tips is using negative keywords. Regular keywords help us tell Google about our business and what we do. But you should also optimize your negative keywords to tell Google what your product is NOT. Because telling Google what your business is not is as important as telling it what it is.


To explain it further, I will give you an example. Imagine you are renting apartments for students near a big university and you advertise your product on the internet. You need to exclude keywords such as “family” to make sure that only student looking for homes see and click through your ads. You don’t rent your apartments for families; therefore there is no need for them to see it. This will narrow down your targeted customers and give you a better shot at converting them into paying buyers.


3. Adjust for geotargeting



Regardless of the type of your industry, you can benefit from focusing your marketing budget on specific locations. Even if you sell digital services or products, you might benefit from determining which areas are interested in your business. But businesses which offer lawyers, hotels, and apartments might only need the consumers around their physical location, this is one of the vital steps of the AdWords campaign.


If the products or services you provide don’t depend on the physical location of your customers, you might still optimize your pay per click campaigns with geographical bids depending on weather, seasonality and user experience.


For example, if you are selling snow tires, you are more likely to make the most profit on winter days. But selling snow tires does not only depend on seasonality but also location. You should avoid promoting your winter tires in warmer states such as Alabama or Texas since people in these states will not need your snow tires at all. You should instead promote your product in colder areas such as Alaska or Pennsylvania. Therefore, geotargeting bids and choosing locations to advertise your product or service is one of the greatest AdWords Campaign tips.


Many entrepreneurs who are new in AdWords make a mistake by not taking into account people’s needs in specific locations. They usually result in spending more than they earn because the ads are shown to people who are more likely to purchase the product.


4. Delete ads that perform poorly



You should remember that keeping your ads as tight as possible to effectively control them is key to achieving a better return on investment. There is no need to maintain keywords which take space and poorly perform while harming your budget.


Therefore you should consistently analyze the efficiency of your ads and delete the ones that perform insufficiently. The click-through rates will probably be a useful indicator of finding the advertisements that have to be altered. However, some advertisers will want to utilize the direct conversion rates along with the other campaign tips.


It might be appealing to reduce the ad campaign to one metric. However, if you want to see the whole picture, you will have to consider using other indicators to evaluate your campaign performance. For example, you should look at the number of leads your ads make, the number of clicks and the profit made.


5. Retargeting consumers



It is one of the most used tips for AdWords campaign around the internet. If a person comes to your website, looks at your products or services but goes back without purchasing anything you might very well retarget that person and stay on top of his mind. He will see and recognize you, and a picture of your company will form in his mind. It will increase the chances of selling products or services to that person.


These are the main AdWords Campaign Tips; however, there is more to it. You should do a lot of research on your own or get advice from a professional before going for Google or Bing AdWords. You might be surprised by how many beginner mistakes you can avoid just by reading books or articles about digital marketing or AdWords campaign strategies. Therefore it is essential to make sure that you know all the basics before starting your AdWords campaign.