You can learn almost everything related to the Internet and computer through trial and error. Even you can learn SEO better with this method. It can sometimes give you heavy consequences when doing trial and error in the SEO study alone. With all the investments you make with an incorrect SEO study, all the labor you give can be wasted. One of the most error-prone works in SEO is a backlink. Backlinks made with information from the Internet via the Internet have often dragged sites to the penalty. We recommend you to read our article carefully until the end, and you can complete your work successfully without making a lot of mistakes while doing backlink work on this vocabulary.



One of the most common mistakes is spam links. Spam link means a link from a very large number of very irrelevant sites. Those who want to succeed in the SEO, think that the site will rise to the first page by doing more backlinks. This is a very wrong idea. If you are backlinking your site and your site still not rising then you are missing something else. People are getting too many links to go to the first page in Google search results because they are not aware of it.

These links spamming because they are taken from a very large number of very irrelevant sites. Buying this kind of link may take you to the first page for a very short period of time, but you will never be authoritative. You go back as you came. You can also lose your site if you can not get out of it when your site gets unnatural links or a heavier penalty.




A backlink is the most necessary effort to carry your site to the first page. Doing this work correctly will bring you successful results and plenty of profits. One of the abundant mistakes made in the Backlink is the incorrect use of keywords. If the number of keywords you want to quote on Google is three, you should start with the most important thing in those three words and buy the most important link. For example, if you are going to pick up ten links for the most important handwriting, you should buy six links for the next precious handwriting. For the next stroke, you should buy three links. By taking this ratio into account you can increase or decrease the number of links you receive based on the competition of your keychain and the search volume.




One of the biggest mistakes made today is to get backlinks from overloaded, dumped backlinks. Especially in the forums, there are a lot of backlink types that can come to mind in a package and provide a lot of numbers and make a good price for this business. We recommend that you do not buy these types of packages. Those packages are applied to the website of hundreds of people, how useful can it be for you?


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As always, instead of getting ten links from different sites, get one quality link from your own sector and it will be more effective. Today, it is very difficult to obtain quality links from the same sector. We recommend that you link to sectors that are close to the industry. For example, if you are a transportation company you can get a link from relevant sites. You should have at least four or five links from your sector or from the nearest sector.




You should be able to do the timing well, even though it provides the correct returns from the right places.

For example, if you are providing 20-30 returns to a site with 20-30 visits, you can easily understand that this is a problem.

Do not be hasty, be on time and be regular. Using social media properly will certainly open doors that you do not expect.




When a web page is not indexed in search engines, it is banned because it violates the rules of the search engine. Logically, having links from non-indexed pages is also a red flag. Stay away from prohibited pages and areas.