Today, after launching a product to the market, the next vital step for a company becomes thinking of the best ways as to how to be ahead of its competitors. The vast array of different SEO strategies and creative marketing ideas serve as a ground for the future successful operation of the company. It is where one of the powerful tools named SEO strategies or Search Engine Optimization comes in and lends its support to the company.


How does SEO work?


SEO is a 21st-century tool, which is used to optimize the search results of your company to allow it to appear on the top search rankings. In other words, you make your company website or relevant links to the site, information about your product appear in Google™. The higher is ranking in the search results, the more people will see it. The more people read it due to engaging content and share it on the social platform; the more people are aware of your company and your product and services. It is as simple as that. The power of SEO lies in that it makes this scenario real.


What factors affect Google’s Search Ranking?

To help to understand the search engine’s work specifics and before proceeding to best SEO strategies, let’s look at components of the ranking algorithm in the example of Google. For your content to appear on the top or the first page of Google search, you should consider the following:

How people engage with your site. Do they read it? What is the traffic – CTR data of your content?

CTR, in other words, Click-through rate will also determine future ad performance to your website. Not only the fact of “being read” matters, but also “who reads the content” does. Google considers user’s age range, geographical location, educational level or range, cultural background as well as connections between possible users, for instance, explicit and implicit acquaintance relationship, common interests and community membership, participation in joint activities and so on.


How do you describe your content?


It may imply how many keywords you use in your content and whether or not they are relevant.


How do others reference you?

Let’s paraphrase it like that: how do people react to your content. Do they share it? Do they refer to the material, mention it, give links to the page in their writings?


If you want to improve rankings and get more organic traffic, then let’s look at 6 Essential SEO Strategies to bring the best search results in 2019:


 1. Improve your CTR


We already know what CTR is. It is one of the main factors making sure your future posts will reach to much more readers. How to make so that many people clicked on the title appearing in the search engine. For example, consider using numbers in the title as it is more likely to attract the attention of readers. Research indicates that people are twice more inclined to click on the content if it contains a number. You can read more about it here. The rise in CTR of your content will undoubtedly be reflected in future performance: it will be available to more people; consequently, much more will read it, more people will make a reference to the content if he/she likes it and share which again equals an increase in click-through-rate. Here, we should mention that both the content of your texts and design and interface of your website have a say.


2. Exceptional content is vital


It is closely connected to the above strategy, as the quality content will increase Click-through-rate. Now as a reader turn to your preferences while selecting what to read. Yes, it is about quality content. Without quality content, it is a waste of time to think of other strategies to improve your performance for the sake of SEO. How can we reach the target?

The text should be interesting to read. It is essential that reader did not quit after 3 seconds (or “bounce” if to express with the Google term) because this is the specific signal for Google that indicates that readers do not like the content. Your bounce rate in an indicative how you succeed in terms of the interest of the content. Also, it is a good idea to simplify your language to make the text more readable. It should be easy to read. Make use of different multimedia is also a good idea as it will be an exciting, rich content that will make readers happy in the result of which CTR will be going to increase.


3. Use variable media tools to increase your presence on Google


Try to be more active on social platforms. Create your Facebook Business Page, engage in discussions on Twitter, ensure that you as a company and your employees are on Linkedin and preferably actively using it. Increase your social media presence. Write blog posts about your product or service and make videos. According to statistics, Youtube receives more than 30 million viewers a day. And do not forget to write mini blog posts for your Youtube descriptions.

Comment and increase interaction on forums like Reddit and Quora. Give interviews, get your name famous. It will reach you to a new audience.  Make connections and ask an influencer to promote your product or services. This tendency goes all around. These are also some examples of Off Page SEO.


4. Do not underestimate KEYWORDS

It is not a coincidence we wrote this word with uppercase letters. Keywords matter a lot. Even though new ideas enriching SEO vocabulary on an ongoing basis, keywords are still so very imperative for SEO. The Google Search Algorithm has been formed in a way that it instantly recognizes keywords and shows the related texts first.

Their mission is to attract organic, relevant search traffic. Keywords, at least, are what people type on to get information on Google. After we have all agreed on the keywords being the entire fundamental concept of SEO, you may consider reading a bit about how to discover and research keywords. You can opt to create your keywords for which you will rank #1.


5. Increase your page load speed


I guess you also gave up on the website when you see it takes centuries to load. Everyone does. The very slow page speed will end up your content being unread even if Google shows it first.  Eventually, it will hurt your dwell time (a term for measuring the time user is likely to spend on the page after a click). The bounce rate will accordingly increase as well. Google and Bing consider the page loading speed in the ranking algorithm. Some ideas for increasing page load speed include reducing the number of plug-ins and optimizing image sizes.


6. Pay attention to have “Contact Us” Page

Another UX or user experience element on the website, if implemented in the right way, is also considered one of the best strategies of SEO that will be useful in 2019 as well. There are more and more websites that make use of this tool on their site every year. Apart from making the user experience easier and near-flawless, the websites which have built “contact us” in it, is considered more trustworthy and ranks higher by search engines. To conclude our list, it is worthwhile mentioning that with a good SEO strategy, you can actually capitalize in the pool of 40,000 search queries Google processes each second and help your business grow significantly.