Appearing on top search results is an excellent way to promote a business. People usually trust the algorithm of search engines, especially Google. Hence, if the search engine offers a particular website in the first place, it increases the reliability and brand image of the company. However, having an excellent Google ranking is not an easy piece of cake. One should pay attention to many details to increase the visibility of the page. In fact, Google uses more than 200 factors to decide the ranking. Most of them are secretive. But Google officials mentioned several of them as having the highest impact. In this list, you can find the 9 Essential Factors for appearing among the top results.

Backlinks for Better Google Ranking

Backlinks are the links from other websites to your page. It is one of the most important factors that Google ranking depends on. The reason is that these links are a sign of trust and reliability. If someone mentions your webpage in their content, then they value your post. Now imagine tens, and hundreds of people use your link in their materials. This action instantly indicates that you engage in high-quality content creation.

One thing you should keep in mind that the quantity of the links solely does not affect the ranking significantly. Those links should have excellent quality. Otherwise, many impeccable links will not be valuable. Having too many low-quality backlinks can even hurt the website’s ranking. Therefore, gaining backlinks is also a complicated process. To get them, one should consistently promote the page and create engaging content for the customers. Usually, Google SEO ranking is based on the number of backlinks, the authority of other websites, and the diversity of links. If you put equal attention to each of them, links will be a great asset to your SEO strategy. For further information, diversity means that your backlinks should come from various websites, not just one.

Additionally, anchor text also matters. The anchor text should be relevant to your content. They must appear naturally, which prohibits keyword stuffing.


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Content creation is such an essential part of optimization that it is difficult to talk about in one heading. Hence, I want to focus on one aspect of content-length. The longer the material, the more effective it is. Similar to backlinks, quantity does not matter alone. It should be joined with the quality. Hence, your extensive content should be engaging, too.

It is easy to find material in short pieces. But long-form is challenging to create. The reason is that you need to work with a team of content writers or get the support of a marketing agency to produce the material. It is a time consuming and costly process. However, when done right, long posts bring numerous advantages.

When I talk about long material, I do not mean merely adding paragraphs to make it longer. Whatever you write, it should have a substance, a value. Try to anticipate the problems of users. Answer their questions, advice solutions, and give them a reason to share your content. Only by providing unique material to the users, you can appear on top of the Google SEO ranking.

Benefits of Long Posts on Google Ranking

First, people do not like moving among websites to get answers to all their questions. When you offer a comprehensive material with many explanations, users value it. For one, they stay longer on the website. It decreases the bounce rate. For further information, the bounce rate indicates people who quickly quit your site after visiting one page. Therefore, diminishing this rate signals to search engines that the website has high-quality offerings. For another, there is a high probability that they will share the material on Social Media. The study has found that article with more than 1500 words increases the engagement rate by more than 60% on Twitter and 22% on Facebook. Both of staying longer and sharing actions are good indicators for better Google ranking.

Second, it is more helpful to generate backlinks, which I explained earlier. Authority websites would not link their material to a short content which has 200-300 words. A longer and high-quality blog is a great way to get backlinks from reputable sites. 

Content Optimization

I always mention that the content should be high-quality if you want to get its benefits. But what are the features of high-quality material? You can create impeccable content if you follow some advice. The first thing to consider is user engagement. Stop writing for search engine algorithms. When one targets the only algorithm, the content becomes robotic. People do not enjoy reading it. As a result, they either leave the page or never enter your website again. Your post should be relevant, easy to read, and engaging. Also, users should get their answers or solutions from the material. Better Google ranking demands constant posts, too. If one adds new blogs that are relevant to the website periodically, this action indicates that they care about users. Besides, they are professionals in this field. As a result, your site positions itself among the top search results

The format of the article is essential. The text size and style should simplify the reading process. Additionally, using headings and subheadings will be a great tool to guide users. You can also consider adding pictures or videos. Sometimes the texts might seem boring. However, multimedia makes it more appealing. Besides, if the content is difficult to understand, infographics or short animations can be useful for the readers. 

Visitors are your top-notch priority. However, you should also add links and keywords to meet the requirements of the Google SEO ranking. We have already discussed the links. Now, let’s focus on keywords in detail.



Keywords have a special place in each SEO strategy. They are the words that visitors use when they search. Your main aim should be ensuring that your website appears when visitors utilize these words. Hence, you need to use the keywords extensively in blogs, headings, meta descriptions, and title tags. But first, you need to define which words are related to your business. Several tools exist to find out which ones your potential visitors use while doing research.

However, you can still face a challenge. Either you should target the most popular keywords. This strategy is beneficial as you will access a broad base of potential customers. Alternatively, you can target the least competitive keywords. If you find a relevant keyword, but not many competitors use them, you can exploit this opportunity. The benefit of this strategy is that you can quickly bring your website to top Google ranking as there is no powerful rival. However, as this keyword is not well-known, you cannot ensure that a large volume of organic traffic will visit the website. 

Long-Tail Keywords

Another tip for keywords can be using long-tail ones. Long-tail means that the keyword includes three or more words. However, this tactic also has its pros and cons. The advantage is that usually, these keywords are more specialized. For instance, instead of targeting Women Shoes, you target Stiletto Shoes in New York. This strategy instantly indicates that if visitors use these words in the search, they are people in need. Besides, they live in a location where your shop exists. Hence, there is a high probability that you will generate sales from visitors. The disadvantage is that not many people use that much detailed keyword. Sometimes they do not even know what they want. Those people only search to define their desired product. Therefore, general, short keywords will be accessible to a broader audience.  

Mobile UX

Another significant Google ranking factor is mobile-friendliness. Almost 60% of searches are done by using a mobile device. As mobile devices gained importance, Google ranking started focusing on mobile-friendly website design. There are several features that you need to pay attention to increasing your ranking based on this factor. 

The first element of mobile SEO is the speed of loading. People usually wait only 3 seconds to enter the page. If your website loads longer than 3 seconds, they will exit. Therefore, the bounce rate will increase. This indicator tells that the site is not reliable and does not care about user experience. 

Besides, you should change the structure wholly for mobile device access. It is not rocket science but requires much effort. You must create a design that is easy to navigate even with small screens. Also, content formatting should have specific features. Shorter sentences and paragraphs are one of the requirements. Font size and type need to be easy to read. The reason is that people using mobile devices are usually in action. You should take all measures to make using the website more comfortable.

Additionally, if you decide to place pictures, be careful. You may need to change the size, to compress or crop unnecessary elements. In this way, images will be more visible on the screen. As you already understood, it is not challenging to make a website more mobile-friendly. It might take extra effort, but it will inevitably lead to a high Google ranking. 

Click-Through Rate

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Google ranking factor is usually kept as a secret. Hence, one can never be entirely sure that he does not ignore other essential elements. However, one thing is crystal clear: Click Through Rate. Google mentioned this rate numerous times as a necessary metric for successful Search Engine Optimization

CTR is the volume of users that visit the webpage by clicking the hyperlink. In other words, you can find your CTR if you divide the number of clicks by the number of views or impressions. If you have a high rate, then it means your website is engaging and gets the attention of visitors. As a result, there is a greater probability that you will turn those visitors into leads. Therefore, the priority should be attracting these visitors by high-quality content.  

One can increase the Click Through Rate by refining the Title Tag and Meta Description. The title tag should be catchy and persuasive. For instance, instead of writing “Sales on Women Shoes,” you should write “Limited time: 50% Sales on Women Shoes”. As you understand, you should motivate customers to visit the website. The issue of meta description is more challenging. One reason is that its direct effect on Google ranking is questionable. However, you still need to make it enjoyable as it helps to generate organic traffic. When many users click the link, your ranking will improve. Hence, its effect is indirect, but it works. 

You should not forget that visibility is mutually connected to CTR. If your CTR is high, you will appear on top Google ranking. When your website is among the first result, you will get at least 35% Click Through Rate. Hence, achieving a good CTR indicator will ensure that you will stay in first place for a long time. 


One of the most used strategies to attract visitors is using the exact keyword in the domain name. However, recently, Google penalized some of those websites. The reason is that the sole purpose of those websites was spamming and tricking customers into entering the site. There are still domains that use the keyword in its name. Their difference is that they provide high-quality and engaging content. 

Besides, domain age also matters as a Google SEO ranking. According to Ahrefs’s research, more than 60% of top search results have an age of a minimum of three years. This factor means that if you are optimizing the website for a long time, you will guarantee the top place. However, if your website is new, you have a limited chance to appear as the best result. The only solution for you is working extensively on the optimization and creating tons of new content. These contents should have the highest quality. Hence, if you are new in the business, you should outsource SEO services, such as Webzool Creative. The experts in this field will create the best strategy that fits your company perfectly.


security and privacy

Another official Google ranking factor is security. Several years ago, there was an announcement on Google Webmaster Central Blog. The statement included information related to security. Google officials claimed that security is their highest priority. By security, they mostly meant powerful HTTPS encryption. When there is encryption, you can search or connect to Gmail or Google Drive securely. Besides, if the website requires personal data from visitors, the HTTP protocol should be followed.

Like meta descriptions, we do not know the exact effect of securing a website as a Google ranking factor. However, one thing is clear that moving your website to HTTPS encryption will be beneficial. For further information, users can check the security from the browser’s address bar. You can see a lock symbol on the left side. If it is closed, the connection is secure. Otherwise, an open lock indicates an insecure connection. Besides, SearchMetrics conducted research based on this factor. They concluded that more than half of the top search results use HTTPS encryption. Therefore, it is advisable to consider as a part of future SEO strategy. 

Website Architecture

Above mentioned SEO tactics can have more influence on your Google ranking than website architecture. However, it is a task that you should not ignore. Besides, Web design and architecture comes first. When you launch the website, your design of architecture should already be ready. Other factors, content, keyword, link building can happen later. As a part of this factor, you can organize your website into subdirectories. Besides, if you have understandable and simple slugs at the end of each URL. Slugs are plain strings of the text. Also, these strings should involve the keyword that you want to have authority on. 

Webzool Creative

All these steps for appearing among the top search results can be overwhelming. Especially for a beginner, optimizing the website can be a nightmare. Backlink building, Keyword optimization, and content creation are individuals fields that require extensive attention. The process demands a whole team of SEO specialists, backlink builders, and content writers to increase your Google ranking. However, there also exists a short cut. If you partner with a professional SEO company, like Webzool, you will save a lot of time and energy. Our team of experts is waiting ready to make your website stand out. Besides, do not worry about the cost of services. Webzool Creative provides impeccable services at affordable rates.