Branding Identity & Graphic Design

A brand is not just a name, a logo and a business card. It involves everything including your domain, color palette, slogan, social media design, UX design & graphics, industry positioning, and typography that all together that gives your potential client idea why you are better and what makes you different. We have helped lots of businesses and individuals to capture their key audiences and achieve their branding goals.

Creative Logo Design

Logos can help businesses in their effort to create the first and lasting positive impact on the viewers and the target audience.

1. Wordmark ( Text )

Logos consisting of only text are known as wordmarks or sometimes logotypes. These logos can be great for businesses that have a short, distinctive, or memorable name. They are also really useful when starting a new business and building name recognition as they are simple and to the point.

2. Lettermark ( Initials )

If you want the clean and direct simplicity of a wordmark but have a long or complicated name, the lettermark may be the way to go. This logo style is also composed of "type" (or just letters) but focuses on initials rather than a whole name.

3. Brandmark ( Symbol or Icon )

A brandmark is a logo consisting only of a symbol and no words. These logos are great when language barriers are in place, when you have a strong image that sums up your message nicely, or when directing like in traffic signs. Brandmarks are also really successful once your business already has strong brand recognition, and so it is common to see a logo that once had text but now uses just the symbol.

4. Combination Mark ( Text and Symbol )

Combination Marks or "iconic logotypes" combine both a symbol and text. This is a very popular option because if done right it gives you the best of both worlds. Combination marks are the most complicated, so they require more time to design. They are also easier to trademark than a wordmark because they are easier to distinguish from another logo.

Brand Identity

Brand identity is a separate category from brand image. Brand Identity is the message the consumer receives from the product, person, or thing. The brand identity will connect product recognition.

Web Graphics Design

Stationary & Brand Identity Design

Social Media Design

Why Brand Identity Matters?

  • Projects professionalism. A cohesive brand looks more professional than an opponent that is all over the place with their identity and marketing.
  • Establishes authenticity. When you stay true tо a core identity, it determines that the identity is a part of whо you are, not just something you designed for promotional purposes or marketing.
  • Provides clarity. A consistent position clears up any uncertainty that clients may have about who your company is and what you stand for.
  • Builds trust. Clients are more likely to trust an organization that presents an authentic professional and a clear brand image.

Creative Process

The creative process refers to the way in which people come up with new ideas or how they come up with solutions for problems. Incubation is a period of time you spend thinking about your preparation and allowing the creative process to flourish.


a) Demography

b) Typography

c) Potential Color Palettes

Sketch Out Initial Ideas

Create Alternative Branding Styles

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