Differences Between Result Driven and Affordable SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the essential tools that link your potential clients to your company, precisely to your web page.

Azar Jafarov


As a way of digital marketing strategy, Search Engine Optimization is a component that drives customers to your business with the help of online platforms. Today, as a part of digital marketing strategy, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the essential tools that link your potential segments such as buyers, clients, and so on to your company, precisely to your web page. So, this article is going to cover two kinds of SEO: Affordable SEO and Result Driven Services.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is a collection of tools that help your agency’s website rank higher in internet search results, potentially driving more traffic to your page. For attracting more specific segment and more traffic to your web page, SEO adds a short tail and long tail keywords to your site as a helpful method.

In other words, when someone types in a specific term or phrase, or keywords or key phrases into a search engine bring about a long list of results - thousands in fact.

So what happens when a website shows up on page 30?

Well, when was the last time you clicked on page 30 or even page 10? What about page 3? Most people think like you. They hardly ever click on pages past page 1. Most of the time, once they are not able to find what they're looking for, they start the search from scratch rather than opening endless result pages. That's why it's so important to make sure your website appears at the top of the list. Nowadays SEO is playing a vital role in running a small business just like design and marketing strategy of a web page.

SEO work?

SEO works in a way that it has two primary functions: crawling and building an index. With the help of these functions, SEO provides users with a ranked list of the websites that are considered the most relevant.

SEO is an answering machine working in a way that when a person performs an online search, the search engine scours among billions of documents. Then, it does two things accordingly: returns only those results that are relevant somehow or useful for the searchers and ranks the results according to the popularity of the websites carrying the information. 



What Is Results-Driven SEO

Results-Driven SEO appeared at the beginning of the 2000s to help businesses enhance their online performance through appropriately designed websites and organic SEO. If you aim to achieve high-rank visibility on Google, you will need to keep yourself updated with the changing engine algorithms, techniques, and trends. As long as SEO is not based on consistent strategies, you will face some difficulties in getting the best results for your website. In order to get the most effective SEO campaign, you should be aware of all main SEO strategies that will let you get better results on search engines. Below, you will find some best SEO strategies that will help your enterprise to achieve higher ranking not only on Google but also on some other leading search engines.


Focusing on mobile search optimization

It's essential to optimize your web page for different mobile devices and screen sizes to give broad user experience to potential mobile users since mobile internet usage has become more popular than desktop usage. So make sure that you include mobile optimization strategy in your SEO campaign.

Optimization for voice search

More and more people will search for a service or a product through voice search on Google and different portals by the end of 2020. So you need to make sure that you use related long tail keywords when you are optimizing your website. Consider that the language used for searching through voice technique is entirely different from the regular search. To easily optimize your keywords for voice searches, you will need to analyze what type of language for spoken questions might be used to get exactly to your web page on Google.

Optimizing for local

It’s been noted that search engine optimization is becoming many-sided day by day – with the help of people who search online via different techniques. Yes, we are talking about local search and optimizing a website for local search becomes essential these days. It is not an ignorable fact that web visitors search for a product based on the geographical aspect, while mobile-first indexing is getting a lot of reputation in SEO ranking factors. So do not forget to optimize your web page for local search if you have a local factor related to your business. This surely would be an essential SEO strategy that will help you get better visibility results on search engines.

Boost the user experience

Adding rich and seamless user experience is one of the vital SEO ranking factors. However, click-through rate also plays a crucial role in determining the UX as well as SEO ranking of any site. According to the MOZ survey, it’s a fact that there is a direct coincidence between the better ranking and CTR of other websites in SERPs. If your content is being visible on the top of SERPs but doesn’t have enough effectiveness (clicks), you may probably lose your ranking on SEO. To tackle this situation, it is vital to focus on both User Experience as well as CTR of all your content. You should also optimize your data by adding related keywords into it. This will improve the click-through rate of your website and help web visitors to get rich user experience on a web page.


What is Affordable SEO?


Everyone has their own different and controversial points of view of what “affordable” means. For example, let’s imagine your business is generating thousands of dollars in revenue every year. Then, $5,00 per month may seem cost-effective for your company. If your business income is below five figures, then $5,00 per month would seem nonsensical. That’s the reason why it’s all subjective.

One element of this argument is true: Good SEO is not cheap. Let us show you five simple reasons why hiring an affordable SEO company is not a good idea.

You cannot do much without money

There are a number of actions you can take on an affordable SEO budget. The only steps you can follow are those that are time-dependent but not capital-dependent. Some time-dependent SEO activities include keyword research, page-level optimization, and "some" technical optimization. The reason why I mention some technical optimization is that you may need a developer for more critical issues. Developers cost money. With that concentration, you won’t get far with optimizing pages, keyword research, and doing some technical optimization. Yes, It is better than nothing. But, those are not the high influence options that drive organic search growth. The two most significant drivers of growth are backlinks and content. These 2 activities are also the most capital-intensive. This is the reason why Affordable SEO services break down.


Since affordable SEO companies don’t have the capital:

  • Affordable SEO can’t create quality content;

  • Affordable SEO can’t pay for placement on quality web pages;

  • Affordable SEO can’t spend enough time doing link outreach.


This results in two main things of Affordable SEO performance:


First, they will go in the way of "cheap content creation," which will end up confusing your product. Second, they will use black or grey hat backlinks, and it will cause penalization of your site.

You will lose in the long run

Probably, your aim to make as much profit out of your business as you can. But surely there are some specific things in life that you never want to go “cheap” on. Think about it.  Would you prefer to search for the cheapest engagement ring for your wife? Of course not, because you know what the consequences are waiting for you. The cost here is: your future wife probably won’t be happy! The “cost” is not immediate. It takes some real time working with an inappropriate company to identify the cost. This “cost” comes in many diverse forms. First, affordable SEO will likely to land you a punishment.  So, even if the affordable tactics work in the short-term, you will end up getting nailed after some time. If your website faces penalization, you will have to cooperate with another agency to get the penalty raised. Once your site gets a penalty, it’s a long way to return. It is a fact that your previous traffic levels may never be as previous.

You will not get assets

Quality content and backlinks are assets for the product. It means they will continue to affect your business in a good way for the long-term. Here’s the bad news: It won’t give you any tangible assets because affordable SEO agencies do not have enough capital to create quality content assets or quality link placements.

Scalability = Cookie Cutter

Most affordable SEO has to use cookie-cutter strategies because these kinds of companies won’t be able to compare if they have to make creative stuff or not. While the principles of quality SEO never change, every campaign is different. Every client is of a different point of view and will have diverse requirements. Affordable SEO companies strictly focus on front-end sales, which leave little resources for the client. Quality agencies allow most of their resources to get results and improve their service quality.

Experience is Priceless

Companies that offer affordable SEO services probably have to employ cheaper labor. Cheaper labor often equals inexperience.

The point is: Qualitative agencies are expensive because affordable SEO agencies employ legitimate, professional experts. These experts are quite confident in their ability to serve you, and your business results boost. Therefore, they would never work for an affordable salary.

The comprehensive explanation of Result-Driven SEO and Affordable SEO in this text gives us an overview of what is the exact difference between them (result-driven and affordable) and which one is worth choosing.