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Webzool is a local provider of e-commerce SEO services in Los Angeles. With well-planned and professionally executed SEO strategies, we aim to boost your sales and maximize profits.

Advantages of E-commerce SEO Services

Brand Exposure

There is a multitude of people currently seeking the products that you offer. Therefore, you need E-commerce SEO services to lead these people directly into your website. Optimization through best SEO tools allows you to gain exposure by improving your visibility to potential customers, as well as differentiating your brand from competitors.

High Volume of Traffic

When brand exposure is increased, people come across your website frequently in their searches. Appearing in top search results also builds trust and credibility for your business. As a result, more users click to enter your website, which boosts the organic traffic volume. 

Increased conversions- Now that they decide to give a try to your page and visit the website, you have a higher chance of turning leads to sales. With the right optimization, your website will be easy-to-navigate and engaging to stay. Plus, visitors already trust your brand as it appeared in top results. For these reasons, more visitors will be motivated to complete the sales funnel, which will skyrocket your sales. 

Why Partner with Webzool?

E-commerce SEO Services

As an e-commerce business owner, you know that only some portion of the visitors decides to purchase a product. This situation gets even worse if we consider that the online environment is full of companies that sell the same products at different price ranges. Therefore, it is hard to get the attention of people in need and convince them to consider your offerings. 

Luckily, with the help of e-commerce SEO services, you can make your website visible to the target audience when they seek your products online. If you can take advantage of the e-commerce SEO strategies, you will ensure improved brand awareness and boosting sales.

Yet, SEO service providers are abundant. Considering that SEO takes a lot of time to benefit, it is vital to find a reliable optimization agency. After all, it is a nightmare to wake up after months of effort and spendings that the provider cannot properly optimize your website. With e-commerce SEO services in Los Angeles and operating internationally, it is hard to separate the wheat from the chaff and find the best provider to cater to the taste of your audience.

We understand your difficulties. Therefore, we aim to explain to you why you should prefer our services over others to fasten the decision-making process: 

Skilled SEO Specialists

Our e-commerce SEO experts have in-depth knowledge and extensive skills for successfully managing all aspects of optimization. We handpick our teammates, with a detailed examination, and ensure they grasp the changes or new trends in the industry. In this way, your website utilizes properly implemented, up-to-date optimization techniques.

Monthly Reporting

We create monthly reports to keep you informed about the progress of optimization. Webzool maximizes the information shared in these reports, so that you have no question crawling in your mind. You can notice the completed tasks and planned changes. We even inform you who was responsible for each task and what was the results of our efforts.

Smooth Communication

The professionalism of the SEO agency and talented employees are essential factors of success in optimization. However, when the communication between parties is not sufficient, the project cycle becomes a hassle for both of them. Therefore, we want our clients to be aware of each step and approve any changes. In this way, we employ Project Managers who will be your first contact in case concerns, questions, or requests. 

Optimization Process

Keyword Analysis

The building block of e-commerce SEO is Keyword Research. It is essential to rank for the proper keywords that relate to your business. Our specialists conduct an extensive Keyword Analysis to make your business more visible to potential clients. In this way, they also differentiate your business from hundreds of rivals.

Technical Analysis

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We also conduct technical analysis for your website in the early stages of project implementation. Our specialists review technical aspects of the site, as well as check lines of code to come up with recommendations. They find ways to speed up the load time, optimize images, etc. 

SEO Audit

In addition to all these preliminary analyses, the Webzool’s e-commerce SEO specialists also run SEO Audit to detect possible SEO mistakes. They check issues like internal linking, Meta Tags, HTTPS security protocols, crawlability, and many more. 

Content Management

Another essential part of e-commerce SEO strategies is content creation. We ensure the optimization of the existing content on your website. Plus, we focus on adding new material, which is easy-to-read and engaging for visitors to decrease the bounce rate. It also helps to increase the visibility of the page as we utilize relevant keywords in the content. 

Link Building

Our link building activities improve the ranking of the website by boosting the page authority. By creating helpful content, we make sure other websites also link to our website. As a result, the credibility of your website also increases, which attracts more and more visitors.

Conversion Optimization

This stage carries higher importance for electronic commerce sites. What business owners dream is that the majority of visitors pass through all the steps of the funnel and complete a purchase. Therefore, we check the usability and navigation details of the website to make it more attractive to finalize transactions. We also try to identify significant issues that keep visitors from moving on. 


With the aim of maximization of benefits received from SEO, we keep a close eye on the significant factors. Our SEO specialists track the keyword rankings, traffic volume, or leads. Plus, they continuously analyze the position of your most important competitors and adjust the strategies based on changes of rivals.


E-commerce SEO Services

Why prefer e-commerce SEO services over other digital marketing techniques?

  • While your business incurs enormous costs for paid advertising, such marketing strategies can be inefficient. If your website has many issues that lose the attractiveness for visitors, they will not make any purchase after being directed by the paid ads. Plus, the results of SEO services are more long-lasting. After you pay and get the optimization processes, you continue to harvest the benefits through high organic traffic for years. 

How will I assess the effectiveness of e-commerce SEO strategies?

  • Different from traditional marketing, digital marketing allows measuring the results. E-commerce SEO services are no different. We will send you monthly reports, which will reflect our efforts in the project. Plus, we will indicate how much progress is achieved through specific KPIs and measures such as traffic volume, bounce rate, conversion rate, etc.

How long does it take to benefit from optimization?

  • Usually, it takes around three to twelve months to notice significant changes in your online performance. However, once you achieve progress, its benefits last for a much more extended period, which makes SEO different than other short-term strategies. 

Should I hire an SEO agency?

  • Definitely yes. Search Engine Optimization is especially crucial for e-commerce websites that have a multitude of product pages. It is necessary to view your website from the perspectives of visitors and optimize it in a way that stimulates users to finalize purchases. SEO is your most powerful weapon against rivals in an online environment. Thus, it is proficient at utilizing E-commerce SEO services.