After receiving reliable service, and best results, owners of the came up with a new project - and
FisharcadesGames is also an online slot game software provider like & The project is including Web Design & SEO service. Let’s quickly take a look at how we started this project and what is the current status.


  • Jan 2019

    Web Design

    Custom mockup created for customers approval.

  • Jan 2019

    Web Development

    After approved design Web Design and Development team started to build the website.

Design Process

Initially, we tested several creative directions, including a vintage and artistic awareness. Various options for web design were also tested for visual impact. The client was finally presented with several variations in color, as well as a monochrome version, for the lettermark design.

  • Feb 2019

    Branding Identity & Graphic Design

    Custom Logo designed.

  • Feb 2019


    Fully functional, unique design, mobile & speed optimized, SEO optimized website launched.

  • Feb 2019

    Search Engine Optimization

    On-Page & Technical SEO audit started to clarify the SEO strategy.

Organic Traffic

Traffic Value

Organic Keywords

Keyword Occurrence Density Possible Spam
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loyalty services and 1 0.164 % No

The new site can seamlessly grow child products and services, and is a visual frontrunner for the development industry.

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The Free World Music project was a soup-to-nuts overhaul that allowed us to flex a great deal of strategic and creative muscle. After a Discovery process that yielded game-changing recommendations, we helped the Visual Chefs team unify parent and child brands for a cleaner, stronger overall brand and web experience. After a renaming process, we defined a brand around the *new* Visual Chefs—Free World Music—and enhanced existing assets, as well as enhanced storytelling around existing messaging. The end result is a unified brand experience and web presence—one that is smart, approachable, enjoyable, and attractive to both potential design partners and the general audience. The new site can seamlessly grow child products and services, and is a visual frontrunner for the development industry.

Meet Our Creative Team

Account Manager

Nazifa Abasova

Web Developer

Araz Qasimov

Content Creator

Ravan Allahverdiyev

SEO Specialist

Mukhtar Huseynov

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We created thousands of High-Quality White Hat Backlinks from hundreds of different domains. The content team created dozens of high quality, 100% original, readable and fully SEO optimized articles, Development team have worked 100’s of hours to optimize speed and conversion rate. Technical SEO team fixed all the issues with Google Search Console, Analytics and other Webmaster/Audit tools.

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