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Free World Music

Marc-Antoine Chetata founded Free World Music in Paris and New York at the same time in 1989. He’s a leader in the global independent music business and has thorough experience in acquiring, developing, and managing recorded music. Not only that, but he also has an in-depth understanding and knowledge of publishing music that is used in the television and film industry.

Marc needed a new website design and development for his website, Free World Music. We agreed to the project and started work. Let’s take a quick survey of the project.


Marc-Antoine Chetata

Design Process

We tested different design directions, generated various ideas, and presented them to the client. Based on his feedback, we finalized the design and started developing the back-end. See how the process went down below.

  • November 2018

    Website Design

    We first started with several different designs, created mock-ups, and presented it to the client. After discussing those with the client and receiving his feedback, we moved to the next phase of the project.

  • December 2018

    Web development

    We started the website's main development by incorporating the client’s preference, including our unique and creative touch.

  • January 2019


    We added new pages to the website, including the register feature and music placement page.

  • February 2019


    During the optimization period, we made sure that the website loaded faster. We also optimized the site for the mobile experience, and carried out effective SEO.

  • March 2019

    Search Engine Opttimization

    We implemented our highly effective SEO strategies to make the site more visible on search engines using the latest SEO trends and technologies.

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Free World Music was a project that allowed us to use a vast amount of creative and strategic muscle. When our discovery process produced innovative recommendations, we assisted the Visual Chefs team in bringing together the child and parent brands. In so doing, it created a more robust, cleaner overall brand, and web experience.

After renaming the process, we defined the brand around Free World Music, thus, enhancing existing assets, including storytelling. The result was a unified brand experience and web presence, which was enjoyable, smart, approachable, and attractive to the general audience.

Meet Our Creative Team

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Web Developer

Elmar Aliyev

Graphic Designer

Nika Ryabova

SEO Specialist

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