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Glossary keyword - Advertising Networks

Advertising Networks

Advertising networks or ad networks are companies that help advertisers connect to website owners to place ads. Advertising networks work based on having a constant supply of advertisers who wish to promote their products or services. 

The term advertising networks is not specific to online ad networks, but can also mean print ad and television ad networks. But, since online advertising networks sell ad spaces to advertisers, the term has been mostly associated with ad networks instead of other types of networks. What sets advertising networks, which is a part of digital marketing, apart from traditional media networks, is the fact that ad networks can use ad servers to target, track, report ad impressions from users. It delivers the most optimal advertisements tools, which would have been impossible via the traditional means of advertising.


Online advertising networks can utilize ad spaces in many forms. Ads can be presented on mobile websites, desktops, blogs, instant messaging apps, mobile apps, RSS feeds, adware, emails, and other forms of media. This level of mobility attracts advertisers to the platform more often than other services. Third-party content websites are a prominent form of inventory that works with ad networks for a fee or a share of ad revenues. They also work for a share of mobile and online video resources and web search engines.

Larger publishers sell their remnant inventory through advertising networks. These significant publishers sell about ten to sixty percent of their total stocks through an ad network. Much smaller publishers, on the other hand, sell all of their inventories through advertising networks. Ad networks like “Blind Network” is a good example, it places ads, but advertisers do not know where their advertisements are being placed. 

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