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Glossary keyword - Backend


Backend is a popular term used in web development to denote the server side of a website. It is a term that encompasses the storage and arrangement of data for the site. Through its development, developers ensure everything on the client-side of the website runs smoothly by making available all the necessary resources.

Though backend is very vital to the smooth running of many sites, web users do not come into direct contact with it. As such, users only access it through front-end applications.

It also includes activities like library creation and writing APIs. All of which serve vital roles in different aspects of web usage like information storage of a website.

Backend Languages

Essentially, there are major programming languages used to build the backend portion of a website. One such backend language is PHP. It is a scripting language intended mainly for server-side web development. The codes written in PHP are executed in web servers. Another essential language is C++. Unlike PHP, which is very dedicated, the C++is more general purpose.

Aside from these two, Java is one of the most common programming languages among back end developers. Its components are readily available and very scalable. Other important languages include Node.js, Python, C#, REST, Ruby, GO, and JavaScript.

Difference between Backend and Frontend

Backend and frontend development are quite dissimilar in many aspects. Nevertheless, they are just two sides of the same coin. Simply put, the backend is where all the work occurs and the frontend is where all the work is nicely presented.

As part of the website, the backend is where most of the codes that form the site are seen in their raw form. Frontend, on the other hand, is enhanced by the graphical user interface (GUI) design for website users. These two are therefore playing their respective roles to enable the website to meet its intended purpose, both the users and owners.

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