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Glossary keyword - Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate

The term bounce rate is an online marketing phrase indicating what percentage of people exiting a webpage before exploring other pages. In other words, the bounce rate measures the ratio of users who do not continue to surf on the website. Developers measure it through dividing the quantity of single web page clicks by the overall numbers of visitors. The result indicates the bounce rate. It is a fact that a useful website will arouse curiosity on people for deep surfing. In other words, it will sustain users to visit other pages of the website. Thus, the bounce rate describes it as a ratio and indicates the percentage of once page clicks to overall visits. 

Types of Bounce Rates 

Bounce rates assist developers in defining the productivity or effectiveness of the main pages based on the preferences of the audience. If you have experienced a low bounce rate for the homepage of your website, it means you will get expected results for your website. In other words, a creative head page of the site encourages users to click other pages and sustain their visit. On the other hand, when the bounce rates become high, it leads to adverse outcomes. It means the home page is not enough for maintaining the permanent attention of the users. As a result, the audience visits the only main page without exploring other ones. Additionally, they do not make any activity through the website within a certain amount of time. 

Bounce Rates and Traffic

Moreover, for most businesses, the bounce rates define the effectiveness of employees and employed strategies. In other words, SEO traffic results of the website through the bounce rate indicates the productivity of the team. Thus, business owners can decide that their team can achieve the given goals or not though the bounce rate. 


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