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Glossary keyword - Call to Action (CTA)

Call to Action (CTA)

Call to action, or CTA for short is a term used in marketing and sales. CTA stands for any device designed to encourage an immediate sale or generate leads. More often than not, a call to action refers to words or phrases that act as triggers or keywords. Advertisements, websites, or other sales-related tools that encourage clients to incorporate these phrases in their texts

The A

The "A" stands for "action," which is the actual purchase of the advertised product. In the digital marketing world, if a person saw an ad and bought the product immediately, it means that she took prompt action, and the CTA strategy worked. 

Benefits of CTA

The call to action tool works throughout the sales pitch, but mostly they use it at the end. CTA is a head-up for potential customers that informs them about the following steps of your offer. This tool directs people to your final target- making the sale, but most people don't know CTA's power. A typical example of CTA is the "Buy now" phrase that you can see on almost every website or advertisement. However, you can create your own and make them fit your prospects and ideas. 

Enhancing Sales

You can use CTA to build an email list or increase the followers on your social media platforms. Also, you can engage with more of your viewers, potential clients, etc. Call to action phrases are clear and easy to read and understand, and they are usually present in every division or topic of a specific website. CTA's follow a particular goal, implemented by the business owner. If you create the CTA by yourself, make sure it is goal-oriented. An excellent technique for the call to action phrases is giving them a sense of urgency. CTA is present in the offline environment as well, through banners and posters. In this case, CTA's stand out because of their vibrant color and highlights. 

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