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Glossary keyword - Chatbot


A chatbot is a software that can conduct a conversation with live users through auditory and textual methods. It is possible to use a chatbot in a dialog system for different purposes, such as information acquisition, messaging, and customer service. Simple chatbots scan for keywords and reply with the most resembling keywords or word patterns. However, some chatbots can use sophisticated NLP systems (natural language processing).

Reasons for using a chatbot

First of all, chatbots are artificial intelligence or a chatterbot, which is designed to simulate how humans behave as part of the conversation. There are some reasons to apply a chatbot for different purposes.

A chatbot is always available to visitors to any website. It gives right and accurate information to visitors of sites at any time. Therefore, customers are very comfortable when they visit a website to look for any information.  

Next, rather than spending much time to contact customer service or information department, directly, communicating to a chatbot saves customers’ time. It mostly helps people who are disabled from hearing and speaking. Thanks to the development of natural language processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, chatbots are becoming much more human-like conversation partners. As a result, it is also possible to attract new clients. Regardless of too many questions from visitors, a chatbot can quickly answer them.

Companies using chatbots are capable of reducing additional costs. A chatbot eliminates any human obligation in online interaction. The most important thing is that the chatbots don’t need a decision-making process that leads companies to operate with a lot of queries.

Application of chatbots in various areas

It is possible to use chatbots as speech-based assistants and messaging apps according to conversational artificial intelligence. As messaging apps, chatbots performs as SMM on messaging apps. Companies use them for marketing, customer service, B2C, and sales. Companies can also apply them for internal platforms, especially for Human Resources and Customer Support, to provide comfortable and easy communication with workers. Today most of the high-tech banks try to benefit chatbots in customer service to ensure faster and cheaper assistance to customers. Besides the business sector, the healthcare industry is capable of using a chatbot to schedule appointments, to locate health clinics, and provide medication information.

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