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Glossary keyword - Content Management System (CMS)

Content Management System (CMS)

A content management system (CMS) belongs to the digital environment, and it takes on the creation and modification of content. It is called a system because it is formed of different parts, but also, it enables multiple users and supports teamwork. These users can use document management in a teamwork project, with different techniques and paces. Usually, CMS is a set of editing and creating tools designed for digital content. Web content can include everything from text to graphics, audio, and even program code.

Features of CMS

Most content management systems include web-based publishing, version control, history editing, indexing, and many more. These applications can create and edit content but allow you to control the rest of the presentation. For example, you can assign different tasks to your teammates and administer the users of the CMS. This separation means that people with different jobs, like editors or contributors, can only access their fields and view their work. Therefore, CMS’s focus on website security and privacy. Also, content management systems are easy, quick to update and are SEO friendly. CMS’s support custom page titles, adjustable URLs, and even metadata. Besides, if you need extra help, there are a lot of available plugins that can boost your content efficiency. 


Most content management systems are free of purchase, so they are available for small businesses and start-ups as well. However, if you need more customizations done, you can always purchase the premium option, which most apps have. These CMS options offer premium personalized design and reinforced security. A very popular CMS is WordPress which is primarily a blogging platform, but a lot of businesses use it as well. By taking this as an example, it is safe to say that CMS requires skills and knowledge. These systems may lag from time to time and can have difficulties in the design section. 

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