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Glossary keyword - Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is the rate of converting website visitors into leads, customers or sales. Your website is the best salesperson. It works 24/7, never calls in sick, works through holidays. A website owner has to be sure the website’s conversion rate is high and is converting most of its traffic into customers or sales. How to optimize CRs? 

Optimizing Conversion Strategies 

There are lots of ways entrepreneurs can optimize these rates of websites. One of those tips is to make sure that the website passes two and a half second rule. Studies show that on average if a user goes into your website he usually gives you two and a half seconds before clicking the exit button. So within those two seconds, the website has to make it clear who they are, what they are doing, how to contact them and how to move to the next step.

Another tip is to keep your website design plain and simple. There should not be a title wave of content as soon as the customer goes to a page. This is going to cause people to click the back button. What should be done is to summarise into your wow lines, such as one quick sentence which tells what makes you different, what you do and why somebody should choose you over the others. Everything has to tighten up, do not get too wordy. The more wordy you are, the more people leave your site and kill your conversion rate. Check your site using different devices A lot of people use mobile phones rather than laptops or desktop computers. Business owners usually get caught up at work looking at their website on desktop and thinking their sites are amazing. Checking the website on mobile phones is often neglected, and it results in a bad mobile experience of users. Website owners should check their sites on multiple devices, make sure that it looks good, loads well. 

Call to Action

It is necessary to make sure that call to actions are above the fold meaning that when a user goes to your homepage, she should not scroll down to see the content. The information has to be there right away; otherwise, the site will fail on those two and a half second rule, therefore you will be losing out on CRs.

The conversion rate of your site plays an essential role in your income and shows how well your website is built. Having a low CR at first does not mean that your site is not doing well. Because when many customers come to your site, they go into research mode because they aren’t ready yet to purchase your product or service. Those customers should be retargeted on social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. This way people will see you, and you will stay on top of their minds. This is ranking space of their mind, so when they are ready to convert they come back to your website, and they do convert, and that is going to increase your overall conversion rate as time goes by.


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