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Glossary keyword - Click Through Rate (CTR)

Click Through Rate (CTR)

Click Through Rate is a ratio of the number of clicks to a particular link to the total number of users who viewed either an email, ad, or page. In other words, the CTR = clicks ÷ impressions. For instance, assuming you got ten clicks and 100 impressions, the CTR is 10%. The primary purpose of the CTR is to evaluate the success of an online marketing campaign, such as email campaigns or advertising campaigns. Therefore, a high CRT is a clear indicator of how relevant and useful your target audience finds your content. However, a good CTR depends on what your advertising and the networks you choose.

Factor Influencing CTR 

Marketers are always analyzing and optimizing their campaigns for maximum impact and greater ROI. CTR help measure which keywords and campaigns are more successful. Unsuccessful ones are improved or discontinued to save money. Nevertheless, the click-through rate will always vary for different campaigns. Because of the various factors that influence a campaign's success or failure. Over the years, click-through rates for different types of campaigns developed trends. For example, the total rate of clicks banner ads slowly reduced over the years.

CRT Leads

Most of the content on the internet aims to generate some response or action from the audience. Whether to read a news article, search for a flight, buy a book, or watch a music video. Nobody surfs the net intending to view ads. Therefore CTR helps marketers to generate potential leads and overall audience responses to various copies. Even with modern technology, it's almost impossible to precisely quantify the emotional reaction of users to your site. Neither you can tell how the website affects your business brand. CTR is relatively easy data to collect. 


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