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Glossary keyword - Display Ads

Display Ads

Display ads are an online method of attracting the target audience through a website, social media platforms, apps, and more. Display ads are usually in the form of pop-ups or banners that are made of text, image, video, audio, flash, and other graphic formats. The display advertisement aims to send a general message of the brand to the visitor of the social media platforms, the user of the apps to attract them. 

While trying to attract visitors, the ad employs various marketing strategies aimed towards getting the user to click the ad. This action advertently takes the visitor or user directly to the preferred landing page. 

Types of Display Ads 

There are several types of display advertising. Video ads nowadays are a dominant form of an advertisement on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Youtube advertising is the most used form of video ads. Besides social media marketing, video ads can show up in mobile apps or other websites.

Rich Media

Furthermore, there is another form of display ads, which is Rich Media. This type of ad consists of interactive elements, including audio, video, and clickable items. Digital marketers use this form of advertisement, mostly for games, filling forms, etc. If it is a game ad, users or visitors of the online platform can play the game from the ad’s window. 

Banner Ads

Moreover, Banner ads are a conventional form of display advertisement that usually appear on the top of the website that is in the form of a banner. Also, there are interstitial Ads that show up on the website when a user first visits the site. In other words, when a visitor goes to the site, the interstitial ads appear before accessing the requested website. 

Display ads are advantageous because of several reasons. It has a variety of forms, reaches millions of users, demographics and geo-targeting features, and easy-tracking measurements. 

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