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Glossary keyword - Google Ads

Google Ads

Google Ads (formerly known as Google Adwords) is an online advertising tool developed by Google. Users pay to use the service to display advertisements for their business. Other things such as services, video content, product listings can also be advertised here. Google uses its Google Ads service to generate its primary income. Google Ads offer services such as a pay-per-click pricing model. Not to confuse it with a CPA pricing model, which is an advanced form of bidding tactic that could be used to reach a seeded cost-per-acquisition (CPA).


Google first launched Google Ads back in the year 2000. After successive years in the market, Google would charge users with a monthly fee and would manage their campaigns. To better house users who wanted to manage their campaigns and small businesses, Google introduced the Ads self-service portal. In 2005, Jumpstart service was created to manage their campaigns. In the year 2008, Google launched the Online Marketing Challenge. This was an in-class academic exercise for higher degree students. Every year thousands of students from lots of countries take part in the challenge. The challenge takes part from January until June.

How Google Ads work

The Google Ads platform uses cookies and keywords, which are determined by the advertisers. Google then uses characteristics to put advertising copies on web pages where they could be relevant. Advertisers are then paid for every click on the advertisement. A portion of the generated income is also given to partner websites. 


Google Adwords also has a feature called Remarketing. This feature allows the advertisers to share advertisements to users that have visited their website before. This is an excellent feature because it enables marketers to reach more audience lists based on the visitor’s behaviors.

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