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Glossary keyword - Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics tracks and informs about the traffic coming to a webpage. Presently, it is operating as a part of the Google Marketing Platform. Google announced the availability of service for users in 2005. In 2019, Google Analytics was the most utilized service of web analytics in the world. Also, the service offers a software development kit (SDK). It enables users to collect data from Android and IOS apps. The name of the kit is Google Analytics for Mobile Apps. Users can block it by firewalls, browsers, and browser extensions. 

The History of Google Analytics

Google obtained Urchin Software Corporations in 2005. The service of Google’s Analytics was built by Urchin. Urchin took part in many products made by Google. It ended in 2012. Until 2012, Google presented several versions of Google Analytics. The company stated that the new version announced in 2006 was more precise and responsive. According to Google, it can even track very brief activities. In 2011, Google introduced a newer version of Analytics. New interface design, multiple dashboards, and several customer report choices were among the new features. Later, Google added goal flow charts to this version through updates. Until today, Google launched three more versions of it. Lastly, in 2018, Google Marketing Platform was presented by Google. It comprises the two previous brands by Google. These are Google Analytics 360 and DoubleClick Digital Marketing.

The Features of Google Analytics

Marketers use Google Analytics to track the activity of users on their website. Apart from traffic information, it is possible to track various activities here. They include pages per session, session duration, bounce rate, and more. Also, Google ads could be integrated into Analytics. Here, users may revise online campaigns. The system’s goal is to indicate high-quality data of dashboard-type for ordinary users. Further, it shows more comprehensive data for the report set. Moreover, e-commerce reporting of Google Analytics may track performance and sales.

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