Glossary keyword - Hidden Text

Hidden Text

Hidden text is any content in the form of words that remains unreadable or invisible, even though it is being displayed. Usually, this is achieved by setting the color of the text to the same color of the background on which the text is displayed. This renders the text invisible to the user’s view unless it is highlighted. As a common online practice, they serve a number of purposes.

One of the most common ways in use is by websites to hide details like spoilers from users who would rather not view such information. This technique is common on parody sites like Uncyclopedia.

Applications of Hidden Text

In addition, hidden text is also used to conceal data from less savvy internet users who are unfamiliar with a particular website. Perhaps one of the most important applications of hidden text in online content is the spamdexing technique. With this technique, sites apply concealed content to fill pages so it will be detectable by search bots and spiders while real users are blind to these keywords.

However, this technique is frowned upon by Google. Hence, the search engine giant has taken steps against spamdexing by parsing text colors during indexing and checking for transparency. Pages detected to be using hidden text is this manner receive lower rankings which results in lower domain authority. Apart from the internet, texts are hidden in other computer applications like MS Word.

Other Forms of Hidden Characters

There are times that a computer may need to render a hidden text correctly, but this text may not be part of the actual content. In such cases, the text is hidden. Examples include characters used to add space between two or more words or create a new line. These special characters are popularly known as “white space characters.”

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