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Glossary keyword - Hosting


Hosting, also known as web hosting is a service of Internet hosting. It enables the websites of people and companies to be accessible for others through the World Wide Web. Web hosts supply space on a server possessed by customers. They also supply internet connection, usually in a data center. Web hosts are capable of supplying data center space for different servers situated in their data centers. It is called colocation.


The History of Hosting

People had utilized the internet only for education and research purposes. Its slight use was available for email, too. A person or company had to use their personal computer or server to host a website on the internet. Still, not all organizations had the finance and proficiency to do it. So, web hosting services started to propose to host the websites of users on their own servers. In this case, the customer would not need to possess the essential system to manage the website. Also, the owners of such websites would be able to develop a website that the server of the web hosting service would host. The web hosting service would publish the site to the web, too. By the time, the number of users of the World Wide Web increased. As a result, the necessity of the online presence of companies enhanced, as well. 


The Security of Hosting

Online security is a critical issue in Hosting. It is because web services host sites of their clients. When a client decides to utilize a web hosting service, they hand over the security of their site to the site hosting company. Considering the high importance of it, clients decide very carefully while choosing a company for this service. Also, various malevolent users may attack the web hosting servers. They do it for diverse reasons such as, spamming, stealing credit card data, and more.

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