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Glossary keyword - Keyword Density

Keyword Density

Keyword density is the indication of how frequent keywords appear in an article by percentage. Developers define it as a fundamental tool of search engine optimization. Therefore, it is significant to figure out how it operates. It is a fact that keyword density affects the visibility of SEO content directly. In other words, it defines the ranking of your website on search engine results pages (SERPs). It means density influences your business strategy and PR campaigns. Nevertheless, the significance of these tools has been modified in the last few years for numerous ranking algorithms. This list includes the most dominant search engine - Google. 

SEO and Keywords 

Therefore, you need to know how these changes will affect your SEO strategy. We can define the last version of keyword density as the frequency of times that keywords used on the webpage. In other words, it is a ratio of keyword usage in specific content. There are multiple ways to calculate density. However, developers prefer to measure it though particular formulas. Frankly, it is a fundamental math problem that everyone can run. Just divide the total apparent keywords by the overall quantity of words in the content. 

Keyword Density

As a result, you will get the density of the web page or content. Another way of estimating keyword frequency of the web page is TF-IDF. It is a fact that TF-IDF is a more sophisticated method of keyword density calculation. Developers mainly use this technique in information withdrawal or content analyzing for resolving the significance of the keyword. At the same time, search engines utilize multiple forms of the TF-IDF for evaluating the conformity of the texts to the targeted audience. 

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