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Glossary keyword - Keywords


Keywords are a combination of words that define the content. They represent the main idea or topic of the article, blog, or page. From an SEO perspective, a keyword is a phrase that visitors use for search queries. Therefore, any website owner or content writer would like to have those keywords in their websites. In this way, visitors will see the site on top search results.

Importance of Keywords

Keywords are an essential part of the SEO process. Any optimization strategy includes keyword research. With the help of this research, people find the keywords related to their product or service. Then, they try to rank better for these words by including them in titles, headings, paragraphs, etc. This process attracts a high volume of organic traffic to the site as the website appears on top search results. Besides, these words help to access a specific segment of the audience. Website owners can decide what type of traffic they want to get. For instance, if a brand benefits new moms, the keyword can be ‘advices to new moms.’ Instead of all women or mothers, people narrow down the segment to new moms and reach them. As a result, people increase the probability that a user will be interested in the content and perhaps become a sales lead. 

Long-Tail Keyword

A keyword should include around 2-4 words. Long-tail ones have more than two words. With the increasing popularity of voice searches, experts claim that a long-tail keyword will be more helpful. The reason is that when people use their voice to do searches, they tend to ask questions with ‘when, where, how,’ etc.

Additionally, having a long keyword ensures that it is specific. For instance, instead of ‘women shoes,’ people can use ‘white sport women shoes in the sale.’ The first one is general, but the second one aids in catching the attention of the more targeted audience.

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