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Glossary keyword - Landing Page Design

Landing Page Design

A landing page is built for one single conversion objective. This makes it crucial for online marketers as it gives them valuable data from incoming traffic to the page. Everything about the page should be designed, written, and developed with that objective in mind. To drive conversions, the landing page design should be user-friendly to ensure that the visitors leave their details behind.

Landing Page Objectives 

The information collected on landing pages is usually the name, age, and contact details, which include email addresses, phone numbers, and other details about the website visitors. The information gathered in the form of leads is later used for email marketing, online promotion, or raw data for later analysis. Based on the collected data, companies can align their marketing strategies to target specific groups or individuals. This, in turn, will help companies run more strategic campaigns to convert visitors into real customers. Digital marketers use email marketing or retargeted advertising to achieve this goal.

Types of Landing Pages

There are two main types of landing pages. One of them is a reference landing page. This type of page aims to get visitor’s attention by having an appealing landing page design, text, and relevant summary of information about the website. The design of this page should be attractive enough to keep your visitors from leaving. The second type is the transactional landing page. This type of page aims to encourage visitors to make a purchase by giving brief information about the product or special discounts and offers that may appeal to visitors.

Advantage of Landing Pages

There are several advantages to a good landing page design. The primary one being that it increases the bottom line of businesses with more leads and sales. Secondly, a landing page should generally have a user-friendly design, especially when you consider that Google prefers high user experience over all other factors. 

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