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When did you last time saw a small local shop advertise its products and services internationally? The chances are you never did. Small shops with single locations do not advertise their products on a big scale because it can only reach to the customers who live nearby. Customers are not willing to drive a hundred miles from another city to get to a particular shop if they can purchase it in their local town or order it online. What is Local Marketing? Local marketing, also known as neighborhood marketing is targeting consumers who live close to the physical store or restaurant. The commercials of that store or restaurant go to only local citizens rather than the whole country or world. There are different forms of local marketing. A local business can send direct emails to local customers, create local events or put their commercials on local papers. Who practices local marketing? Small business owners with single locations usually practice local marketing to target the customers of the town. Franchise businesses also promote their products or services in their physical locations while representing their global company. When it comes to online marketing most small businesses do not have a strategy in place, they do tactics. They read about Facebook ads, or someone tells them about social media or Google AdWords. They go to try them and but nothing work for them, they get fed up with it and leave it there. The reason they fail is that most of the small businesses do not have a strategy in place, so today we are going to show an overview of an online marketing strategy that you can apply for your local business. A local marketing funnel To create an online marketing system for a local business we want to cover four things mainly. The number one is traffic. Depending on your business, your skill set, and experience you may choose one or more of online advertising paths such as Facebook ads or Google Adwords. You can also put original content on your website making it rank higher on Google search results. It is vital to open social media pages to connect with your customers and be one step closer to them. The second is the landing page. A landing page is a webpage of your site where a user lands once she clicks on the link to your website. It is essential to design your landing page well because it will give a user the crucial first impression. On the landing page, you should tell the customer who you are, what you are doing, how can a customer benefit from your company and what to do next. It all has to be briefly described without overdoing it. If a person sees 2 thousand word content right on her face after she clicks on the link, the chances are she is going to click on the back button and exit your website. Therefore, it is essential to think through your landing page carefully. The third one is an offer. You need to show them what kind of products or services you will be offering. Finally, the fourth one is lead nurturing. Once a person comes to your website, usually she does not purchase something right away. They might need some time to get to know your company better before making a purchase, so it is essential to retarget those users and make sure you make yourself known.

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