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Glossary keyword - Meta Description

Meta Description

A meta description is a piece of text containing 120-160 characters explaining what a webpage’s content is mainly about. It is an HTML factor that determines and abstracts the contents of the website. It provides you with advantages on the topic of the target audience and search engines. However, metadata does not play an engine role for Search Engine Optimization rates. However, we can't deny its importance for the on-page SEO. As mentioned above, a meta description is a tool in the meta tags that assists you to determine a web page. This part of the content can come out through the search engine sequels. It mainly appears under the headlines of the text. Occasionally, you can observe that search engines can take this part of the content from the main paragraphs.

Optimizing Meta Description

It is so easy to find a meta description of any web page. All you need is to enter the web page and click right. Then, the phrase "View Source" or "View Page Source" will appear. Additionally, when you can define the meta description tag of the web page by just looking at website link or code. Web developers use this code for various goals. One of them is when people search related phrases; the meta description appears as the snippet of content within the SERP. As a result, it affects the rating of your webpage on the search engine rankings. 

Importance of Meta Description

Furthermore, the meta description provides consumers with information about what they will find within the web page. However, there are limitations through the length of the meta description tag. Google has recently increased the regular length standards for the meta description tag. Previously, developers can set up meta descriptions that consist of max 160 characters or fewer. But, the Google search engine came up with 275 characters meta description on the SERP in 2017. Thus, you can establish a meta description tag that consists of max 275 characters now.

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