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Glossary keyword - Mobile-friendly Website

Mobile-friendly Website

A mobile-friendly website is the selection of related web resources compatible with multiple devices, including smartphones or tablets, which have smaller screens. It is one of the factors that affect the ranking of the website on search engines like Google. If a site has a mobile version, it signals to the search engine algorithm that the company or brand cares for user experience. 

Mobile-Friendly Focus

Mobile versions of websites need a different focus. As the screen size gets smaller, space for presenting information and attention of visitors is limited. The traffic of mobile devices usually knows what they are looking for. Hence, as soon as they enter the page, visitors start searching for a specific piece of information. As user behavior change in mobile devices, the design and elements of the page should vary accordingly. 

Steps Towards Optimization

One should take several steps to optimize the website for mobile devices. The main idea is simplifying and specializing. Compared to desktop versions, mobile-friendly websites should have less information and buttons on-page. The information must be readable. Hence, increasing font type and size or including subheadings are essential. Presenting the text in the scroll-down form will be handy for the readers. As a result, they do not need to click a button to continue reading. Also, the content creation team should focus on crafting short paragraphs. People on the go might find it difficult to keep attention in long sections.

Enhanced User Experience 

Additionally, if one includes images, they should work on those pictures, too. As the screen size is smaller, the photos might need to be cropped. It is better to eliminate unnecessary parts of them. Besides, buttons and links should be easy to click. Therefore, it is helpful to make buttons bigger to help visitors navigate through the page. Mobile-friendly websites enhance the user experience. They make accessing information more convenient. Also, this feature ensures better rankings. 

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