NAP - Name, Address, Phone

NAP stands for a name, address, and phone number and it is critical that all of them matches every digital media that you do. Let’s assume that your business address is on West Valencia road. Now, the word “west” has two or three ways that you can put it when you are sending something out via mail. “West” can be spelled as it is, or with a capital “W.” Both of these ways are correct when a person reads them. However, when it comes to the digital world, you need to make sure that only one of NAP’s formats is across the internet. Either as “West” or as a capital “W.” If you prefer to use capital W, you need to make sure that it is the same on your website, Facebook or Linkedin page. The relationship between NAP and SEO When you are coming to Local Search Engine Optimization where you want local people and businesses to find you for your services you need to be on different search directories such as Yelp or Better Business Bureau. You have to make sure that “W” shows up the same way on each of those directories. This rule should apply to every word on your address. If your company is LLC, but you put the LLC on the part of the stuff and not on the other the search engines might get confused and don’t recognize them as the same business entity. Because here we are dealing with artificial intelligence looking for NAP to match. To humans, it might seem like the same address, but to the bots, it is not. Therefore, go figure out your stuff and think carefully which way you want to do it. Your business on directory listings There are many things for optimizing your ability to be found on local search. One of the most important things is your name, address, and phone number cleanup or simply NAP cleanup in directory listings. There are over a hundred of them, and you might be on some that you don’t know about. Directory listings include Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp and the list goes on. You need to make your NAP or business name, address and phone number exactly match on every single one of those to precisely what is on your website. How to make your NAP identical on every directory listings You need to do a search of your business online and work through every one of those that comes up. Make sure that you get them taken care of. If you don’t own the listing, you need to claim and verify it. If you don’t happen to be on the listing, you can put your NAP there and make sure that your website name, phone number, and address is on all of them. The listings may come up more accessible than the site itself because their ability to be found on searches is higher than your website. Therefore, it is essential to include your NAP on many popular directories to make sure that your address and phone number appears on top whether it is shown on your site or a directory listing. The customers will still be able to call and visit you, and if they are interested, they can click through and find your website easily.

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