Search Engine Result Page (SERP)

Search Engine Result Page is the listing that appears when people enter a search query. In simple words, if one enters keywords to search engine, the results that display is the SERP. 

One should remember that even if the same keywords are used, the results can vary every time. The reason is that search engines exhibit listings based on several factors. Those factors might be the location of the user or their browsing history. 

SERP is the main focus of SEO specialists and Pay-per-click advertisers. The motive of that attention that the Search Engine Result Page includes organic results and paid results. SEO specialists optimize the websites so that they appear among top search results. In this type, companies do not pay for people who click the link and enters the page. Additionally, PPC advertisers create attractive ads. As a result, their advertisement appears on the top or side of organic results for the target keywords. In PPC, advertisers should pay a fixed price for every click. 

To appear among the first organic search results, specialists engage in on-page and off-page optimization. On-page optimization requires high-quality content creation. Content writers work intensively to come up with creative materials for related keywords. Then, off-page optimization starts where link building happens. For example, companies share their links and contacts on business directories or social media accounts. As a result, many people discover the link and enter the page. 

Besides, the companies who want to attract paid traffic, engage in pay-per-click marketing. However, it does not mean you spend the money, and the results will be effective automatically. One should consider the exact keywords, location, or main target of the advertisements in order to appear on the search engine result page. Besides, the place of ads is also crucial to catch the attention of users. They can either be on top of search results or the side of them. 

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