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Glossary keyword - SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of fine-tuning your website content to drive quality traffic by increasing its ranking in relevant search results. SEO is targeted towards unpaid results and is related only to organic or natural results. It excludes all paid placements and direct site visitors. SEO isn’t limited to text search terms alone. It also involves video search, news search, image search, and academic search. All of which are currently major categories of today’s web search.

How SEO works

Primarily, website optimization for search engines involves adding and taking away content, altering HTML, and modifying its source code to boost its search performance for specific and relevant keywords. This practice also seeks to increase the ease of indexing by search engines. Another significant method of search engine optimization is to increase inbound links or backlinks of a website. Though all of these started on the desktop platform, by 2015, mobile search gained popularity over desktop search. Therefore to better market on the internet, SEO consultants and experts consider five major things. These are particular search queries entered in to search engines, the way search engines function, what users search for, the preferences of search engines according to the target audience, and the algorithms behind the function of search engines.

History of Search Engine Optimization

Website owners and businesses became aware of the business potentials of visibility and high ranking in search engine result pages. The awakening to the possibilities of SEO created new openings for both black hat and white hat SEO experts. The term “search engine optimization” became common parlance in 1997. According to tech journalist Danny Sullivan, the phrase was first popularized by Bruce Clay. However, Jason Gambert, on 2nd May 2007, tried in the Trademark office of Arizona to trademark the term. He based this attempt on the fact that SEO is not a marketing service but rather a keyword manipulation process for increasing page rankings.

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