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Glossary keyword - Spammer


A spammer is someone who sends irrelevant emails in bulk, often for advertising or criminal purposes. Besides, they can also take control of the computer to improve their network of robots to steal more. Many of them use botnets or virus-infected computers to send emails. In this way, they make it difficult to track them down. 

What Is Spam?

Before focusing on spammers, knowledge about spam is necessary. Spam originally is the name for canned food. As it does not have high-quality and usually is unwanted, it also can represent unsolicited emails, too. In an online environment, spam is a result of using electronic messaging solutions to address unrequested emails in bulk. Spam also comes in different forms. Email spamming is just one of the types. According to Statista, around 50% of all email traffic is spam. Social media spams are also common. Frequently, accounts get hacked, and they send false requests to friends. Besides, mobile spamming can happen in the form of text messages. 

The First Spammer

Some of the spammers are regular people who send an email for commercial purposes as a part of their marketing strategy. Others are sophisticated criminals who try to get money by tricking respondents. Gary Thuerk is the first known spammer that belongs to the first category. He was a marketer in Digital Equipment Corporation to sell DEC machines. In 1978, he sent spam to 400 people. Surprisingly, his spam worked, and he could generate $13 million. Though it was the first case of spamming in history that is known, Mr. Thuerk did not accept it. He chose to call his strategy as an ‘email marketing’ instead of spam.

How to Avoid Spamming?

It is better to stay away from all types of spamming, no matter their purpose. Hence, people should be careful not to share their email addresses on all platforms. Besides, if you receive something from a spammer, do not feel tempted to open, click a link, or respond. 

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