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Glossary keyword - User Experience (UI)

User Experience (UI)

User experience (UX) is the totality of a person’s attitudes and emotions after interacting and using a specific service, product, or system. It covers the experiential, practical, useful, valuable, and meaningful aspects of human-computer ownership and interaction. It encompasses the perceptions a person has of elements of web design systems: like the ease of use, efficiency, and utility. User experience is all today subjective so far as a personal point of view and perceptions are concerned. Every user is unique and therefore differs in the way they interpret and perceive their interactions with products and services.

Factors for a Good UI

The dynamics of perception and regularly changing usage conditions makes user experience continually evolving. According to ISO, three main factors determine user experience: the context of use, system properties, and the user’s state and previous experiences. Therefore to design a good user experience, you need three factors. These are a good understanding of representative users, interactions, and working environments. This is due to the far-reaching influence of a single experience. Relative to the overall user experience of a particular system or product, which explains how the overall user experience on the mobile phone depends on the simple experience of sending a text.

Other Factors

User experience flows inline with certain external factors that are not directly connected to the actual interaction episode. Some of these factors include opinions of friends, brand identity, media reports, and pricing of products or services. To better simplify the various factors influencers of user experience, they can be classified into three major categories. These factors help designers to initiate the process of acquiring and integrating the product. All these factors together play the essential role of providing a meaningful and relevant experience for users. Finally, user experience is the way users experience and interact with a product. 

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