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Glossary keyword - Word-of-Mouth (WOM)

Word-of-Mouth (WOM)

Word Of Mouth is the transfer of data via spoken communication. In marketing terms, it is the process of sharing information about a particular product or service with other people. Word of mouth can spread everywhere - on forums, social media or in real life. It is a way of sharing experiences with their friends or relatives. You might be familiar with Mark Zuckerberg’s quote saying “Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend.” According to statistics, 83% of the American population state that a word of mouth recommendation from a close acquaintance or a member of the family makes them highly likely to buy that product or service. Everybody knows that word of mouth recommendations are mighty, but what most people don’t talk about is how do we get more word of mouth recommendations?

People should have a reason to share your product or service.

A business has to give people a reason to share its work. People don’t share something unless they are upset. It is straightforward for a person when they are angry to get the energy to then share something on Yelp or on Twitter to complain. It is a little harder to convince a person to have the energy to go and share something when they don’t have something worth sharing. For example, you can often see that airlines get flak because of certain things that they have done. Maybe they said something wrong or treated a customer poorly. We hear about that often, either on the news or on social media. When did you last hear a good recommendation, for example, “Hey, Alaska Air, I just had a great flight.” That does not happen as often.

How to get people to start talking about your stuff?

I could easily tell you, offer more value to get word of mouth recommendations, and this is a default answer that a lot of people give to this question. But there is more to it, and I would like to take the idea a little bit further. Because a lot of people are offering value so how can you stand out from the crowd and give something noteworthy? What could be done a little bit differently? A business has to go one step or two steps above and beyond to get a person go “Whoa, that was unexpected and fantastic.” That is worth talking about.

What is the best way of getting word of mouth recommendations?

You should offer your target audience something that makes them thank you and then recommend your product to others. A simple way of making this happen is to get a result for your people, customers or subscribers. Whether it is a quick win or a big win, help them to get a result, because that gives people a reason to share something about your business.

Another way you can get people talking about you and spread your business by word of mouth is to feature your community and customers in front of the rest of your audience. Building a community is an essential aspect of getting people to talk amongst each other and invite new people into that community as well.

A lot of businesses focus hard on bringing cold traffic and new people, but by taking those people and turning them into a community, giving them an identity that they form around you and your brand is the key. It gives them a reason to bring their friends because people want to connect with others when you show that there are people in the audience that are doing well. It adds a little bit of a vibe to the community in that sharing the product and becoming a part of this community and what they all stand for. Everybody can grow together, and that is when they will start talking about a product and its community.

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