Content marketing is an increasing marketing trend nowadays. Corporate companies, digital agencies search for talented content creators. Nevertheless, shortly, what is content marketing and how can we benefit from it? It is a new marketing method and the primary goal of it is to attract customers with content and contribute to sales. These contents are used in videos, articles, posters, voices or infographics. Beneficial content should be at the center of your marketing activity. Nowadays, traditional marketing becomes less popular, and as an experienced marketer, you should find a better way.


Experts call content marketing as a strategic marketing approach concentrated on distributing and creating relevant, consistent and valuable content to allure and engage an accurately defined audience. The main purpose of this type of marketing is to drive successful customer action.


What is Natural Language Generation (NLG)?



User-generated-content is one of the popular terms in marketing and nowadays, this comprehension defines again via artificial intelligence. Each of us knows that many contents exist for increasing search engine traffic, but we do not use it at all. These contents usually situated in the category or product pages of web pages and trigger to improving the organic traffic. The influence of artificial intelligence on our life is growing day by day, and now it can produce qualitative contents like experienced experts.  


Natural Language Generation (NLG)


Natural Language Generation is the lower field of Artificial intelligence. It is a system that helps you to transfer structured data to a simple test. From a content marketing point of view, NLG can create many contents in a few minutes.


Which fields does NLG support?


Today, NLG is useful in different fields: City guide, Hotel presentations, E-commerce category articles, Real-time exchange writings, Personal text summaries (from CRM datum), daily weather news texts, sport news texts. The Associated Press could write 4400 articles (12 times more than manual writing) via NLG.


Does NLG damage Content Marketing and SEO?


It is an actual question, and we can answer that, no, NLG is reliable for both Content marketing and SEO. Google’s definition of automatic content blocks articles, for example, have meaningless texts, with bad user experience or materials with plagiarism rate. However, NLG makes it correctly, and no one has written it yet. For example, they have used 140K different combination for making three sentences: It again shows that NLG does not make plagiarism in articles. There are many types of research, which compare humans’ content and software’s texts. For example, Christer Clerwall has organized research named “Entrance to Robot Journalism,” and within the research, he asked participants to answer the questions. After reading the articles, the attendees notified their points. You can see the results below. It is apparent that approximately all details are equal (expect informative and boring). One of the world’s most significant research and advisory company Gartner assumes that software will produce 20% of all contents in a few years. If this supposition comes true then some occupations like journalist, editors or content creators will disappear gradually.

On the other hand, many different thoughts actively resist it. They claim that a human approach to content is unique and not any software can substitute it.


Content marketing is essential, because…



Content marketing is an essential part of recent ads world. Today advertisement agencies turn towards to digital field. We started to see frequently ads on websites. More and more banners everywhere… Unfortunately, the number of advertisement are increasing, but their quality is decreasing quickly. Therefore, bored users decided to avoid meaningless ads by using Adblock. Approximately, all search engines support Adblock, and this application helps to block ads areas on sites. It satisfied the users, but website owners and brands were not happy with the case. Hence, brands found alternative ways to influence customers.


The increasing power of Social Media and content interaction made brands to use this method to attract the target groups. It means that native ads are more effective than standard ones. Today, a colorful or animated banner is not enough to allure customer’s attention. Rising content’s quality is essential. It must be exciting and informative as well. For example, if we write content for a sushi restaurant, we may write an article like, “6 main things you must know about tasty sushi”.


There are five essential details of native ads:

1)    Professional editorial skills;

2)   Reading more information about the topic;

3)   Be frank and distinct, do not try to deceive anyone;

4)   Everything changes quickly, so you must react all newness swiftly;

5)   Contents must be interesting, entertaining and informative.


Remember that, the reason for much impression is users’ feeling. If the followers notice something from their life in the content, then the content will probably succeed.

Some brands deck out each area with ads. They suppose that if they have many ads (indoor and outdoor), then it is good. However, it is definitely wrong! Modern customer is watchful and detects everything fast. They do not want to see countless ads around them. Presume that, a customer watches ads on TV in the morning, then listens to advertisements on the radio while driving, sees billboards in the street and finally meet banners on laptop…

It is too much information. What do you think, he or she can get all these? Alternatively, let’s take an example from ourselves. We see many ads each day and can remember a few of them. If ads, its content is natural and different then it can win our heart. Only, in this case, we will buy or interest in the brand. That’s why every product or service needs a good content marketing.

Content marketing consists of text, audio, visual products, and it is the best way to send brand messages. Regarding the Handley and Chapman, content is everything inside the website: Words, information about the products, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and other things are the parts of the material. The first step is to pinpoint the target group. Then, collect the data about the needs and wishes of them. The third step is to create valuable content for the target group. This content must be informative and contain useful details. If your content style is entertaining, then it is better.


One essential point is to show appropriate content to the right audience at the right time. If you have a plan, you can do it quickly. Just fix the target group carefully and send them relevant contents. Like in traditional marketing, we should know the customers, learn their needs, and create the materials.


Content must be original


Brands must communicate with the customer with a particular “voice.” The successful brand always has specific ways. Additionally, the social media contents of the brand must differ from opponents. The researches indicate that a client likes sincere and corporate language, but not strict office speaking. Brands must create simple, pleasant contents. Formality is not a good choice in modern content marketing. Because customers want to see a brand as a friend and professional company. Please, take into consideration, that boring contents will probably fail you.

Therefore, we insist on the essentiality of interesting topics in content marketing. Some people suspiciously consider about engaging content. They say that it may hurt the brand’s corporate perception. However, in reality, customers like and support these contents. Another matter is the brand’s personality and the message of content. If they are in contradiction, then your campaign will fail.


Content must be Informative


Contemporary marketing requires qualitative, valuable, solvent content instead of content, which contain a lot of product or service information. Try to investigate customer’s problems and create materials about solutions to them. It will contribute to the loyalty of customers. For example, Procter & Gamble makes useful contents for parents. Sure, these contents encompass information about products of P&G, but it is also helpful for the health of infants. In this case, parents see the brand as a source of useful information. Let’s suppose that we have a company that sells car tires. We can make contents about our services and products, or we can create a guidebook about driving in snowy weather. Could you identify the difference? A customer will receive the second content as helpful and useful information. You can make Webinars, seminars, or video contents by using the method.


Content must tell a story


How can we create a story for our content? Regarding Handley & Chapman we can create a story by the following details:

1) How do people use our products?

2) How do our products influence the customer’s life?

3) Why do people need our products?


First of all, your content must base on a true story. True stories have an impact on customers, and it creates interaction. If clients can see themselves in the story, they will probably relate to the brand.


The other point is value. A story must provide a feeling of importance. Make an original story, do not copy them from other sources; it is plagiarism. Additionally, exciting stories get a good impression, too. Briefly, it would help if you create something, new, original, and entertaining.


Content must be commonplace


A brand needs a valuable, qualitative content, but if the content cannot reach anybody, then it is useless. That’s why making your content reachable is crucial in content marketing. Vice versa, you will create contents just for yourself. In order to make the content attainable, you will need good SEO work. It includes keywords, SEO strategy, and relevant links.


Moreover, make sure that all devices support your content. For example, sometimes materials are created only for desktop, and it cannot be readable in smartphones. Abolish registration process on the website to reach the content. The test results show that the user usually chooses not to register and exit the site. Finally, make your publishing structure very simple. Because, maybe you will need quick publishing in the future, especially, if you are interested in Real-Time Marketing (RTM).


Content must listen to the customer


Do not consider this as a short-term process; it should have long-term plans. Regularly check the users’ comments about your previous contents when you are making a new one. It will teach you always to update your contents. You can learn the feedbacks about your brand via Google Reader, Google Alerts,

However, the necessary action is to reply to the user’s comments below the article. Always, respond to the questions of customers via social media channels, and emails. Be sure, that customers like and appreciate it. Try to solve their problems, consider their suggestions, apologize for the mistakes – all these actions create a positive impression.


Building your content marketing strategy



Content marketing continues to be a vital point for people who want to use digital marketing. Some survey and research results indicate that it is one of the best digital marketing techniques. Many businesspersons admit that this type of marketing is essential for marketing; however, not all of them have a strategy. Companies need a strategy because of targeting the customer group and interacting them. This strategy process shows that we can use every content repeatedly. If your contents possess a plan or strategy, it will gain without any doubts.


Step by step your strategy




1. Make a plan – Before you create contents, design a program. It will help you to see the details of your activity. You will divide all your work and keep the stages.

2. Target group - Determine what your target group want and create the relevant contents. Remember that, if you do not know their needs, all work will fail. It would be good to realize market research beforehand and estimate the customer’s needs.

3. Solve the problems – Decisively detect the problems in the field and suggest solutions for them. Because a modern customer not only wants to buy a product but also attention and good communication. If you are ready for these terms, then the success is not far away.

4.   Blog contents – Importance of blogs are increasing day by day, and all search engines consider it. Blogs represent you, your activity and help to show your professionalism. It provides a place that users can give their feedback directly. A blog will provide you with good interaction and many followers. Always consider blog contents and keep them updated. It is an essential point for content marketing strategy.

5. Make an impression on Social Media – Users want to see that you take care of them. Social media platforms are the best place to implement it. Social media accounts help followers to know the brand better. Social media contents must be relevant to target groups. Motivate the followers to communicate with you via social media. It let you get new users and increase your brand awareness.

6. Create original and exciting content – It is the vital point in creating a marketing strategy. Some people think that it is possible to get an impression by copying other successful contents. Be sure that it is impossible! The materials must attract the target group’s attention, and they must read or watch it. If the users understand that you have copied the content, it will negatively affect your brand’s reputation.

7. Purchase your contents – Content marketing is a vital thing already, and brands should carry out it. Today, more than 60% of companies cooperate with outsourcing companies to realize their contents. If you do not have enough time for content marketing, or you need professional help, then you may find a digital agency for doing it.

8. Continuousness is necessary – Regularity and continuousness are inevitable in all fields of life. Unfortunately, temporary work will not get you a good result. Continuously working will increase your followers and your contents will become widespread. Regularly, create materials, share them on social media channels, reply to their comments, take notes from their feedbacks.

Keep these steps while implementing the marketing strategy and you will see the positive results.


Faults of content marketing that we face with



Now we will talk about some wrong attitudes and errors in content marketing. It is evident that a severe activity like content marketing can immensely benefit you. On the other hand, it can fail you if you fulfill it falsely. Let’s take some notes about these faults:


Choosing the target group  


Marketers make many mistakes in this stage of content marketing. Companies try to reach everyone, and improve many likes and follow. However, a little group of followers is potential customers. The essential point is to reach the right target group. Do not let the numbers mislead you! Only focus on the reachable target audience.


The relevant content


Sometimes brands choose the right target group, but they cannot address them correctly. Because they publish or post just ads contents. For example, these types of ads consist of information about the company, product details and so on. It is a big mistake. These diminish your brand awareness. You mustn’t bore the users. Nevertheless, your primary goal is to interact the followers with compelling contents. Interesting contents will keep the followers on the brand’s page and collect new users.


Right time and the right place


Pinpoint the social media platform that your target group prefers to use. Also, beware in what time they actively use it. Knowing the active hours of users is essential, too. You can realize a little examination of learning it. Posting in wrong time is dangerous for a brand. However, if you determine a different time from opponents, it will get exciting results easily.




Those companies, which do not listen to the customers, will fail exactly. Customers need to see that they are valuable, and companies hear them. The easiest way to show it to customers is social media accounts. The researches indicate that customers rely on brands, which are active on social media accounts. The mistake in this stage is not to respond to the customer’s comments. So let customers feel free on your social media channels, and reply to their messages or comments.


Types of contents for your Content Marketing



There are various opportunities that you can choose for your contents. Below, you can see the most famous content formats. Marketers widely use them for creating the contents.


Blog posts


By the way, we are currently writing a blog spot. Blog posts exist on a site, and we should publish them regularly to allure new users. If our audience like the content, they will share it on social media profiles and across other web addresses. Generally, the contents encompass between 1500 and 2000 words in length, but it depends on topics and readers too.




Ebooks are perfect tools for engaging the attention of potential customers. The users can download ebooks and use them as a guide. They are not short like blog posts. And content marketers publish Ebooks less frequently than blog posts. Usually, the websites ask to register beforehand to download the articles. However, as we mentioned above, it is not a good choice always. Ebooks are the next stage in the inbound marketing process. First, a user reads the blog content and then he or she wants more information. It is the second step and now CTAs (calls-to-action) come into play. The website directs users to a landing page, and here they download the Ebook.


Case studies


Case studies or in other word testimonials are the chance to explain the story of a person who could solve a problem by working with your brand. We can say that a case study is the handiest type of content marketing. It can take many various forms of blog posts, podcasts, Ebooks or infographics.

The main purpose in a case study is to explain the people who are thinking about your product that the evidence is in the pudding. Firstly, you should detect the area of your work to which you are striving to drive value and which form the case study will take.




Templates are a convenient content format that you may test. This type of marketing provides a great value to the audience and generate leads for the brand. When you give your audience template tools, you save their time and assist them to succeed. That's why your users will prefer to keep engaging with your content afterward.




Creating infographics is a robust way to visualize and organize data and infographics can better do it than words alone. Infographics help to share any complex data in a style that is apparent and easy to get. There are many free tools that help you to create amazing infographics.



A video is a highly engaging content tool, and it is shareable over social media channels and websites. However, videos have some demands. For instance, it requires a significant investment of resources and time compare with written content. However, as tested marketing progress in popularity, videos are 40 times more likely to get shared on social platforms than other types of content. Some researches submit that videos are the most favored form of content. Videos can capture people's attention more than other types of content.




A podcast is an excellent choice if you want to reach people who do not have enough time to read the contents every day. Statistics show that the number of podcast listeners is rising in the USA. Organize an interview with exciting people or conversations to host. We do not mean that all your followers will choose podcasts. A specific group will love it, and they will be loyal to your podcasts.


Social media


If you regularly publish the contents on your website or in the blog, so it is time to present them on social media channels. It may require repurposing the contents into new formats because each social platform has particular conditions (for example, Twitter allows you to post a maximum of 160 words). Posting your contents on social media is essential. Because it will significantly increase your brand's reach level. On the other hand, your potential customers spend their most time on social platforms. That's why never skip posting on social media. Mostly, businesses post on these social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat and YouTube.

If you have social media accounts for business consider about posting the type of contents your users want to see. For instance, Instagram followers expect amazing photos, videos that show current events or user-generated content, also you can go behind the scenes of your company. Your alternatives are more on Facebook. You can share your website content and blog posts. Also, you are able to post Facebook videos, original memes, and product promotions. Furthermore, you can also interact with other companies that have a related audience as you possess.

While the purpose on social media platforms such as Snapchat or Instagram is to relate more closely with the audience, your goal on social channels like Facebook and Twitter is to increase that audience, send traffic to your website, and begin discussions in your business. Launch some basic market research to identify which social channels your customers are active, and make your content according to their demands. If you are ready for more ideas, you can choose a relevant content type for your content marketing. Here a list of content formats may be useful for you.

A-Z list of content formats


Managing your content


Your marketing plan must grow beyond the content types you will make - it should also include you'll create your content. For sure editorial calendars can help you to be on the relevant track for publishing a diverse and well-balanced content library on the website. After this process, create a social media channel calendar so you can manage and promote the contents on other web addresses. Additionally, consider evergreen and timely topics either. Sometimes you will not see the practical results of evergreen contents. In these issues, timely topics can help you. While they might not be the essential part of your editorial calendar but they can assist you to generate spikes of your web traffic.


Many people rely on incorporating popular holidays such as Thanksgiving Day and New Year in their marketing attempts. However, it is not a good idea. Never limit yourself to these vital marketing dates. Some niche holidays which may appeal to your users can be worth publishing content on your social media or blog.

All these learning may be much information, but the activity has just started. It is a long process, to rise a strong marketing strategy for business and creativity.


From making the foundation of the marketing system to adding tools to control your content better, pitching the policy for the new period will not be a bother with these steps.


Content Marketing trends in following years



As content marketing extends its popularity in the digital world, it is good to know the trends in this field in the coming years. Content is in the center of our social media and digital marketing, always available, regularly connected and still exploring the mobile nature of communication. So technology grows in capacities and marketers get more experienced at how to benefit from them, and the robots replace some occupations. So it becomes seriously competitory for brands attempting to grasp any moment of our distinction that they can. Consider it as a middle point of the joining between your customer and your brand.

Content marketing is an activity that can open your clients' mind and feelings to pay attention and care that the brand lives, or it will not. Connecting with your users in a legitimate, rational way and leveraging content to develop relations will increase your sales and results as well.

Here are some essential trends we think will be essential in your work:




You have probably heard about Influencer marketing beforehand. It is a well-known area, but some business leaders and marketers misunderstand it.

Hiring influencer doesn't mean that you must hire a very prominent, such as actors or athletes. You can select local and national leaders in your field and niche. Look inside your business, as your co-workers and employees, as well as your clients, maybe the best brand representatives and evangelists.

Actually, Influencer marketing is not just determining a popular influencer and paying him or her to post about your brand on their social media channels or websites.  Instead of it, try to start a partnership with influencers. How can you do it? Assume a co-created content, and invite them also to post content on your social media channels. You can then promote and leverage it as evergreen content which remains years, not months.

When choosing a partner for influencer marketing, do not fall prey to the idle influencer agencies who only can spam influencers with copying virtual spam outreach. They will not help your brand vice versa hurt it.

Micro-influencers can be a problem solver of content marketing for all businesses. It can be a quick method to brand awareness, enhance and a real relationship with your target audience (or potential customers).

Selecting the appropriate influencers is the main reason for success, as well as a well-considered program to continue relations, find out the goals and evaluate results. It's not as simple as paying some dollars for an influencer and requiring quick success. You must wait and ready to work.

Select the right influence, and it may be key to your success. Additionally, it will be a good idea to keep relations, set your goals and follow the results. It is not a simple process. Do not expect that you will pay the influencers and they post the contents, and that's all - your success is coming. Be patient and ready to work.


Search and voice control


Generally, we optimize and plan the keywords for our potential audience and consider “how will our target customers type in a search into Facebook or Google?” Additionally, we need to think about, “how will our customers send a question with their own voice into the mobile device or Amazon's Echo?

Today, we cannot neglect the power of voice search because a significant change is coming with the search. Not all parts but some portion of our content needs to reply instant questions with a prompt response. Why? Because it is vital to our content appear in search results in the future. As a marketer, we have to think about the words internet users say, not just what they type on the keyboard.

By the way, mobile-optimized and mobile-responsive websites are incredibly vital, as most of these voice searches are active on a mobile device. Google and other search engines prioritize mobile-optimized addresses in their search results.

As people spend more in voice managed devices, these trends will improve. This field is specific where smart content marketers should be following closely.


Brand Storytelling


Knowing how to benefit from brand storytelling is an ability not all marketers have learned. People consider it just means they are allowed to speak about themselves more or that they must get other groups to communicate about them more. However, it is wrong!

Modern brand storytelling clarifies who you are or what you are doing and why you are doing. Brand storytelling is more about the skills of how you create the content and how you engage the clients, as objected to boasting about yourself - big exception.

What is the story about you, your brand and your achievement? What are the difficulties you have driven to obtain to where you are now? How did those rough journeys then make amazing adventures for your customers and why?

Probably, it will take about seven or eight brand touches for somebody to identify you and your brand. That's why you should maximize each touchpoint to build experiences that matter. Moreover, it must be based on a purpose to shape the customers and businesses your company reaches indeed.

That's all. We hope our article will be helpful for you to win the content marketing competition in 2019. Just take your time to plan for marketing strategy and then encourage yourself to do the work to make it profitable.