PR Services

PR Services

Another category of service we provide is managing PR activities of your website and building the PR strategy. As you know, well-managed and responsive PR activity has a significant impact on building public image and enhancing the reputation of your company. Our professional team of digital marketing experts will help you to create an effective PR strategy and managerial assistance to meet your business goals. Our pr services consist of the following three categories:

Small Package

PR+50 high editorial links+ DA ( which includes150 sites and dofollow links)

  • Through these options, you will get excellent results such your website will be distributed to more than 150 world-popular TV and Radio channels such as NBC, CBC, FOX TV, and other digital journals.
  • Through these options, you will get excellent results such your website will be distributed to more than 150 world-popular TV and Radio channels such as NBC, CBC, FOX TV, and other digital journals.
  • Maximum 5 URLs for each release of distribution - we provide the exact keyword links that will bring the user directly to your website
  • Local SEO service which includes getting 100's of Citations - your site will be forefront search results
  • Providing picture support ( at least three free pictures) - related high-quality picture would make your content appealing, informative and perfect visual.

At the end of the process, you will get a detailed report for publishing which will help you to measure how effectively the work has been done. Transparency and accountability is our priority.

Standard Package

More than 600 press release publishing +news sites

You will get publish distribution on the most worldwide newspapers and news sites. Your website will be on the top rankings of Google search results. We will make the press release distribution for commercial, industrial, local, regional, global sites and even entertainment sites. We provide with backlinks, and it will make your website be forefront and more close to your potential customers.

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Gold Packages

premium press releases

You will get the distribution of press releases to the most reputational media companies. The world giant news agencies are on the list including CNN, USA Today, NBC and the New York Times. Through the adjusted backlinks, the reader will be guided to directly your website. And as a result, your visitor will be your customer. We also provide this service package with Dofollow links.

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Want to increase your organic traffic?

We have developed search strategies for leading brands to small and medium sized businesses across many industries in the US and worldwide.

Business is about competition, to stay alive and to be successful, you have to compete. Today, Digital systems have fundamentally changed the way how companies operate. In this case, the PR strategy has become something of an issue. Using PR services effectively has a significant impact on building a marketing strategy and enhancing brand reputation. Generally speaking, good PR strategy requires to send the exact message to the right place and in right time. Today, the internet has been a significant part of our life. We live in the digital world. Even most of the people spend an essential part of their time online.

That is why to communicate with people on the internet; you have to use digital tools for PR services. Our professional team of digital marketing experts and PR specialists have developed an excellent platform that provides digital PR services in all directions that will increase the brand reputation of your business.

About Us

As a company, we have developed a platform which offers a range of digital solutions for businesses, startups, and local companies. We build up a perfect team of digital experts, specialized designers, and skilled marketing professionals. Our team provides services for creating and designing websites. And besides all, the professional team at Webzool will dedicate their best effort and energy in order to help your site to meet your marketing goals. We will provide the required computer and specific keyword researches to bring your website top lists on Google searches.

You can rely on our team to make sure they will create an excellent job to make your business successful.

How do we work?

You will tell us what you exactly need, based on your needs and wants. Based on the information you give and your preference we will create a service draft. Before publishing, you can review the information and make your comment or revisions. After editing the draft in accordance with your request, we will publish. At the end of the process, you will give detailed reports about the publishing results. Our service is entirely customizable, and we genuinely keep in touch with our partners to perform a satisfying job.

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Final Note

Our team at Webzool provide a comprehensive list of PR services in all the directions mentioned above. If you would like to enhance the brand reputation of your business and promote the success of your company, you can make sure that we will do the best job to help you meet your goal. If you need a PR service or if you would like to get more information about what other services we offer, please do not hesitate to contact our service operators. It would be a great pleasure for us to be a part of the success of your business.

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We have developed search strategies for leading brands to small and medium sized businesses across many industries in the US and worldwide.