SEO Audit

Auditing a website is not the options; it is a necessity.

Today, there are millions of websites, pages on the Internet. It is not so easy for the customer to search and to find the most convenient one website link among such database. According to the statistic reports, over 90% of people click on the first five links while searching on the internet. In order to be the top search results, the companies use SEO (search engine optimizations) tools and solutions. Our professional team of digital marketing experts and web designers have developed a unique digital platform. We provide a comprehensive list of digital marketing services, and SEO audit is one of the main directions.

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Why should you invest in SEO?

The companies understand the importance of SEO, and we can see that it has been a recent trend in digital marketing. The indifference with traditional advertisements, SEO is more permanent. Using an effective SEO tool will enhance the promotions and success of your business. There are important reasons why you should invest in SEO.

Generally speaking, business is a competition. There are so many opponents and competitors; that is why you are obliged to struggle to stay alive and to keep your business success. The goal of this race is getting more customer. SEO allows you to increase your website traffic by attracting new users. Every user is a potential customer.

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Brand Recognition- effective SEO strategy will enhance the reputation of your business. SEO provide your website to be in the first places of online search results. In the world of principle such as first come and get served, to be on first lines works for the benefit of your business.

SEO is consistent - in comparison with traditional ads, SEO effectiveness continues in the long-term, it is more permanent. That is why each amount of money you spend on SEO is not a cost but an investment.

SEO audit requires the evaluation of how search engine friendly your website is by using a wide range of digital tools. The best option is to make contact with a professional SEO service company to get the premium-quality performance of SEO for the site.

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Want to increase your organic traffic?

We have developed search strategies for leading brands to small and medium sized businesses across many industries in the US and worldwide.

What SEO services we offer?

Our team of digital marketing experts at Webzool provide a range of SEO services by using the latest tools and solutions. We will make your website be closer and more forefront for your customers. Through the following SEO services, you will considerably increase the traffic of your site and enhance the brand reputation that will lead to making your business successful.

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Advanced SEO Research, Consultation, and audit

We will profoundly analyze your website to determine where is your site on Google searches. We will define the problem, design the appropriate solution plan and its implication such as keyword research, competitive analysis, and link profile analysis. You can use the consultation service of our experts to increase effectiveness and well-functioning of your website on loading. Through this analysis, you can compare your site stand with your competitors and build up positioning strategy.

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Technical SEO audit

This step is critical to determine technical issues because sometimes search engines artificially could ban your posts and publishings. We offer in-depth technical SEO analysis including checking the website index status, reviewing site and URL errors, checking robots.txt file by using the tools such as Ahrefs, Majestic, SEM Rush, Moz. We also make use of Google Search Console, Google Marketing Suite (Google Ads, Google Analytics and Google Data Studio). Sometimes Google is blocked when you insert Nolndex metadata, it usually happens when your page is crawled. We will help you to optimize the Metadata. Conducting a complete backlink audit will help you to attract new users who will increase the site traffic. As you know every second the visitor wait loading page is working against you. We offer speed optimization service which will make your page load in three or fewer seconds.

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Local SEO audit

This service is the heart of your business ranking. And it is the natural way to increase organic traffic to your website. A well-managed local SEO audit is going to help you a lot to converse your website users into real customers because local search users are motivated and triggered. If you can attract them, you will considerably increase the number of new customers. Our experts will help you to find out which place of your page has issues, and will offer possible solutions to alleviate them. Keywords are a core element, by not depending on which strategy you apply for SEO, the keyword should be the forefront preference. We will help you to determine exact keywords and provide a practical plan for how to use it to be on the top list of local search results.

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A full website SEO audit

The entire website audit analysis consists of different parts of service. We offer a comprehensive list of SEO audit service such as

Duplicate Content
Internal links
Semantics and Structured Data
On Page SEO
Images SEO
Video SEO
Internal links
Mobile SEO
International SEO
Local SEO
News Search
Content Audit and Strategy
External links and Link Profile Analysis

On Page SEO Audit

To determine error through the website, you are going to need on page SEO audit at first step. Our team will perform the well-done job in a various direction such as:

  • Checking Google SERP (briefly)
  • Finding hidden text
  • Analyzing on-page factors
  • Analyzing a particular issue
  • Running a speed test
  • Detecting a possible penalty from Google

Here using practical tools is utmost important. We use the latest high-performance digital tools such as Web Developer Toolbar (Chrome add-on), Google Search Console, PageSpeed Insights tool, On-page SEO audit tool.

Toxic Link Cleaning

Sometimes a website could receive toxic backlinks which negatively affect the popularity of your site. Tokic links have even capability to influence the authority of the website in a bad way. In order to avoid such cases, toxic link cleaning is required process within auditing. Due to search engines have strict regulations and blocks link building, it is recommended to rely on professionals for the Toxic Link Cleaning process. We offer all related service of Toxic Link Cleaning including:

  • Must Analysis
  • Download backlinks from Webmaster
  • Run
  • Classify Toxic links list
  • Run tool
  • Remove toxic backlinks
  • Clear view of backlink make up
  • Qualifying each backlinks health

Our Process

It worth to notify that we work based on your requests and preference, so we will need your website information such as login and other detailed info related to auditing. We accurately determine your audience and customer target, following this target we generate keyword search reflecting your product and services in the best way. Before publishing, we send you a draft to make your comment and revision. After editing and required changing, we make publishing. Completing all the stages of SEO auditing, you will receive the detailed report which reflects how well the job has been performed. Transparency and accountability is an in-depth part of our mission. Based on this report showing the results of publishing works, you can measure how effectively the job has been done. We profoundly keep in touch with our clients to perform the premium quality of work reflecting their needs and wants.

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We have developed search strategies for leading brands to small and medium sized businesses across many industries in the US and worldwide.