Student Loans Resolved

Student Loans Reserved is a helpful resource that helps clients come out of student debt for good. They are experienced professionals who ensure that every qualified borrower merits from the student loan repayment or forgiveness.

We helped Student Loans Reserved in the following areas: web development, digital marketing, branding, and graphic design. Let’s go through how we excelled in this project.


Imad and Ismayel

Design Process

Initially, we tested several creative directions, including a vintage and artistic awareness. Various options for web design were also tested for visual impact. The client was finally presented with several variations in color, as well as a monochrome version, for the lettermark design.

  • 2018 October

    Beginning Of The Success Story

    Imad and Ismayel contacted webzool to get new SEO Friendly, mobile responsive site for their Student Loan Consolidation business.

  • 2018 November

    Web Design

    We designed demo mock-up and had a resourceful meeting with a client and they approved the design.

  • 2018 December


    More than 50 pages designed, developed and optimized.

  • 2018 December

    Search Engine Optimization

    SEO campaign started.

  • 2019 January

    Digital Marketing

    100+ keywords ranked.

  • 2019 February

    Digital Marketing

    1400 + keywords ranked, $5200 traffic value.

  • 2019 July

    Recent Results

    7K+ organic keywords, monthly 11K organic traffic, $44.8K traffic value. More than 330 keywords on top 3 positions of Google.

Organic Traffic

Traffic Value


Organic Keywords

Keyword Occurrence Density Possible Spam
Student Loan Forgiveness 28 3.241 % No
College Student Loan 10 1.157 % No
student loan consolidation 6 0.694 % No
Permanent Disability Discharge 5 0.579 % No
Service Loan Forgiveness 5 0.579 % No
Public Service Loan 5 0.579 % No
Teacher Loan Forgiveness 5 0.579 % No
As You Earn 4 0.463 % No
Student Loan Payment 4 0.463 % No
Private student loan 4 0.463 % No
Loan Forgiveness Eligibility 4 0.463 % No
Pay As You 4 0.463 % No
Forgiveness Eligibility Assessment 4 0.463 % No
federal student loans 4 0.463 % No
University Student Loan 4 0.463 % No
Loan Forgiveness The 3 0.347 % No
one new loan 3 0.347 % No
into one new 3 0.347 % No
Student Loan Consolidation 3 0.347 % No
your student loans 3 0.347 % No

You wanna see what happened in the kitchen?

We created thousands of High-Quality White Hat Backlinks from hundreds of different domains. The content team created dozens of high quality, 100% original, readable and fully SEO optimized articles, Development team have worked 100’s of hours to optimize speed and conversion rate. Technical SEO team fixed all the issues with Google Search Console, Analytics and other Webmaster/Audit tools.


Account Manager

Nazifa Abasova

Content Writers

Arzu Rasulova
Narmin Hasanzadeh

SEO Specialist

Rufat Abasov

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