With 2019 coming to a close, it is vital that you start mapping your website optimization strategies to meet the latest guidelines and recommendations. Google has, over the years, managed to continually update its SERPs, with 2019 seeing some significant changes. It is essential to keep pace with the latest website optimization strategies to ensure higher ranking results. 

The most significant thing to bear in mind is that some factors have a more significant impact than others. It's important to focus on only those strategies that are essential and can positively impact your website’s SEO. This post will explain what those strategies are and how you can implement each of them.

10 Significant Website Optimization Strategies

If you would like to be a successful business owner, it is important to start thinking about the website optimization strategies for 2019. As you have already assumed, the various circumstances used by Google to define SERPs are continually evolving and modifying. You need to follow and apply these modifications to guarantee that your site will achieve a higher ranking. Thus, you have to charge and renew strategies for website optimization of your site frequently. There is a bunch of SEO strategies for achieving a Google-friendly website. Each of them plays an essential role in the website optimization process.

We will reflect on some of the more essential website optimization tips for 2019. As a result, you will be successful by taking less risk and more confidence. Keep in mind that website optimization strategies in 2019 can vary from previous years. There will be essential website optimization tips that are suitable for each year. In other words, some of these strategies can keep their significance over the years.

#1 Content Marketing

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If you look through the web, you will start to get surprised by just the number of contents that are performing in the virtual universe. This complexity is not going to disappear from the online universe in the short run. Even, it will become more complicated and elaborated in the near future. It means that it will be more difficult to gain attention for your content. So, how you can grab more attention for your content through content marketing? Firstly, you need to establish a primary hub for the sources on the site. Then, you should utilize it to lead visitors to appropriate, beneficial, instructive, and original content. When you create the hub, you have to set up bound links through this hub. Keep in mind that they should present relevant data. At the same time, users will come back to the central hub based on these bound links.

Additionally, you can also relate these bound links with various social media platforms and internet channels. It will increase the return of your market investment. The most important factor of content creation is selecting content topics. You have to be sure that given topics are a trend in the market. In other words, trending topics will help you to increase website traffic and perform effectively. Also, do not forget to apply media products such as videos and photos to your content. It will make them more colorful and attractive to the visitors of the website. It is a fact that content web pages without any media materials look paler and duller. It's almost impossible to keep users on the website with these pieces of stuff. Therefore, we advise you to use the advantages of modern technology. Although it does not require more effort, it brings more benefits.

#2 Mobile-First

As you have already known, Google, as the most crucial search engine, launched its mobile-first index at the beginning of 2018. It means that Google has started to perform a more mobile-friendly type of websites for indexing and ranking process. After this event, the significance of mobile supported designs for the website optimization for Google. Therefore, all owners try to develop mobile versions of their websites in the short run. If you do not have mobile-friendly websites yet, you will be able to face troubles in the market now. However, you do not need to worry; you can find some website optimization tips for making your website more mobile-responsive.

Firstly, you need to be confident that your website software is suitable for all modern devices such as PCs, smartphones, laptops, etc. Secondly, you need to check the conformity of media material like images and videos for the mobile version of your website. Then, we do not advise you involvement of pop-ups that coat the entire content. These pop-ups can overlap with the content on the mobile version of websites. Even users sometimes can not exist on the web page because of them. Also, do not forget to use short and attractive titles that comply with a mobile-friendly design.  

#3 Schema

As you have already known, almost all of the significant search engines, including Google, promote the effectiveness of schema. Therefore, we advise you to use schema for your Google-friendly website. Keep in mind that schemas lead to exciting and vibrant snippets through search results. It will provide your visitors with a more sophisticated searching experience. More importantly, your targeted audience will more likely visit your content web pages based on search results. As a result, you can grab the attention of this audience by using schemas for your website. It will satisfy both them and you as a business holder. 

#4 Link Building

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You can think that link building is not one of the leading website optimization strategies in 2019. While some people assume that it has been old tips, others will believe that we do not need to mention its importance. However, we would like to emphasize the essential role of link building for website optimization. It is one of the primary elements which shape the ranking process of the sites. This feature will maintain its significance in the upcoming years. Even, according to the empirical analysis, link building will evolve itself through defining relevant and irrelevant links. As a result, content which consists of linkback or unrelated links will not be successful anymore. Therefore, you should produce high qualitative links if you do not want to fail in the next few years. 

At the same time, you can come back and make some changes to the previous link connections of your website. 

You can find some critical strategies for website optimization through the link building process. As we mentioned above, firstly, you need to establish a central hub for your website. Then, you have to produce high-quality posts for site visitors. The primary process starts with eliminating insufficient backlinks building process and recalling new links.

#5 Speed of Website

As you have already assumed, the speed or web performance of the site defines various significant issues. But, when the topic is website optimization, it mainly determines conversion rate and the website traffic. It is a fact that the modern world troubles have made almost all humanity impatient being nowadays. It is enough to figure out the importance of website speed in the market. According to the research by Google, most of the average websites can load in 22 seconds.

On the other hand, 55 percent of visitors leave the web page after three seconds in the loading process. Even though it sounds ridiculous, business holders should pay additional attention to the loading time of the website. At the same time, Google also takes into consideration the speed of the website as an important ranking factor. All these mentioned reasons make the loading performance of the site for website optimization.  

Therefore, if you think that the performance of your website on this issue is not enough, you can consider some of the following tips. Firstly, you can modify photos and videos to decrease their file size. It will increase their loading speeds. Secondly, develop your software in a way that it will operate the significant factors firstly. It is evident that there are more and less important features that users need to see. At the same time, you need to make sure that you have eliminated all redirects. Then, you have to choose media materials with small sizes. Even you can use thumbnails instead of full-sized photos. One of the essential factors on this issue is the loading of SCC and Javascript. These two variables must appear at the same time. Moreover, we advise avoiding cheap software solutions and additional features which reduce the loading speed of the website.

#6 Technical SEO

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If you have ever interested in search engines, you have noticed the phrase, Technical SEO. This term stands for a tool that supports search engine crawling and indexing the website. When you hear the name of Technical SEO, you can get discouraged easily. However, there is a reality that most SEO tools and services are more accessible nowadays. It means the tools which supervise the SEO of your website and solve encountered troubles are more manageable now. At the same time, solving possible problems is also more comfortable in today's world. The most common issues that the majority of websites experience look like following.

The most significant and popular one is the lack of a mobile version of the website. Then, most of the sites meet experience bugs in the robot.txt file. Even, some of them have a problem of meta descriptions. Several of the sites encounter coding error and inactive links troubles. Another issue that changes the rules of the game is the Google Search Console. There are still some websites that do not use them for their Google-friendly website. At the same time, not applying the XML sitemap is one of the common issues obstruct website optimization for Google.

#7 Website Optimization and User Experience

As mentioned above, user experience is one of the significant determinants in website optimization and site ranking. The first thing you need to consider on this topic is a practical and smooth user experience. As a result, the visitors will have a website that complies with their expectations and requirements. You need to take into account your established business goals. As you have already assumed, there are a plethora of elements that affect the user experience. Although it is not easy to define them, it is not impossible either. All you need is to look through and respond to the questions mentioned below.


  • Can the content of my website meet the requirements of the website optimization?
  • Is the content of my website unique and helpful? 
  • Can visitors to my website experience easy and smooth use?
  • Is the web design of my site effective enough for attracting a targeted audience?
  • Can my website represent the products adequately and sufficiently? 
  • Can all people access my website quickly, including the ones with significant limitations?
  • Does my site provide users with reliable and secure services?

#8 User Purpose

Another critical element for website optimization is related to writing content for your website. Presenting original and high-quality content with trusted links plays an essential role in the website optimization process. Over the years, algorithms of Google have evolved considerably. Nevertheless, it is still significant to develop well-written content that Google can figure out and bring in the top search results. It means that you have to spend more time and effort on the topic of keywords and link building. Do not forget that these keywords and links also should be relevant and meaningful.

#9 Structure of the Website

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Would you like to construct your website in a way that Googlebot will analyze as possible as comfortably? All you need on this issue is an effective website structure. You can find several useful methods for it: 


  • Establish a link between the homepage and significant pages 
  • Set up a website which follows a tree-like structure through web page categories
  • Arrange only internally related links 
  • Use some breadcrumbs on your website. As a result, visitors of your website (people and bots) will easily surf around

Additionally, we will provide you with some website structuring failures that you need to avoid:

  • Do not set up link options to each particular inner webpage
  • Always offer a "back" switch which will simplify the going back process for visitors
  • Eliminate enormous lists of links. More precisely, do not use a thousand details below a list heading

Besides, if you do not have any, we strongly advise you to do an audit before the website optimization. It will help you to understand and analyze the structure of your website. You will know if your website makes any sense. Or if it is comfortable to run your website? Which difficulties do users experience through website structure? After you hire a website audit, you need to rearrange your development team and goals.