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YouTube SEO - rank your YouTube videos for better results


Youtube SEO might seem challenging at first, but with dedication and the right dose of effort, you can quickly rank your videos high on Youtube search results.

Aziz Hamidov

Content Manager

7 min read

Youtube SEO

In this post, you are going to get all the information to rank your Youtube videos. Your Youtube ranking plays an essential role when it comes to the number of views and likes you are getting. Youtube SEO might seem challenging at first, but with dedication and a right dose of effort you can get your videos on top of the Youtube search results, gaining respect and improving your brand’s reputation. Youtube SEO will directly affect the rate of acquiring subscribers and profit.


Keyword Research


The SEO process for Youtube starts with keyword searches. First of all, you should come up with lots of keyword ideas. Then at the next step, you can choose the best ones on the list. The best strategy to find keywords is to utilize Youtube Search Suggest Feature. All you have to do is to go over to Youtube and type a word or a phrase in the search bar. Youtube will come up with lots of keywords related to your word or phrase:




The suggested keywords are exactly what you need to focus on because there are phrases that people type into Youtube. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the popularity of those words. If Youtube itself shows you these words, they are one hundred percent popular and the video topics the people are looking for.


As you know, optimization of keywords is a KEY factor of Youtube SEO. If a video has lots of views compared to other videos, it means the video is most likely well optimized around a particular keyword. To execute this step, go to a channel which is in your niche, click on “sort by” and then “most popular.”

youtube-search-result  This will show you the videos with the most view counts. Choose one video you like and make a great video around. Lastly, look at the keywords the video is optimized around. They can be found in the video’s description, video tags, and title.


It is also possible to find keywords in “Traffic Source: Youtube search” Youtube report. It will show you the keywords the Youtube users usually search for to watch your videos. In most cases, there will be keywords that are already familiar to you, because you used them in your videos before. However, sometimes you can find vital keywords which have never come to your mind before.


Secondly, you should select the best keywords from the list. If you have a relatively low number of subscribers on your Youtube channel and poor SEO, it is best to target keywords with little competition. If you choose the competitive keywords, your video will be buried in the Youtube search results. Instead, you need to select keywords that have little to no competition. Few people will search for the low-competition topic, but your video should appear on top because you will be the only Youtuber who covers the specific issue which should boost your Youtube SEO. It is essential to have the necessary knowledge about SEO and how it works.


How to check keyword competitiveness


You have to search for the keyword in question and see how many results you can get.




The number above shows the sum of videos on Youtube about the topic. The lower this number, the less competitive a keyword happens to be. All you need to do is to target keywords that have a small number of results. If you are asking yourself how low the number of results has to be for you, no one can give a straight up answer. The level of competitiveness you should target is highly dependant on the industry you are in, optimization of Youtube search, the number of your audience and the quality of your content.


There is one more tip that I want to give you before moving on to the next step. Try to choose keywords that have video results on Google. Usually, Google results page consist of 10 links to different webpages. However, sometimes Google reserves a large portion of the first page for videos:




If you focus on Google keywords as explained above, you can get two to five times more views on your videos. Generally, Google uses video results for certain types of keywords such as:


How-to keywords (“how to wash a car”)

Reviews (“iPhone XS review”)

Tutorials (“Pirates of the Caribbean playing on the piano”)

Sport-related topics (“doing a backflip”)

Funny videos (“cats looking at the mirror”)


Why is it essential?


If you optimize your content around a keyword which does not have video results on Google, in this scenario, you will get traffic from Youtube searches only. But if you do as I explained, you may multiply your view count because you will not only get users from Youtube search results but also Google. This will also affect your Youtube SEO.


Post a High-Retention Video


If you want your content to rank higher in search results, achieve a better Youtube SEO you have to keep people watching your videos. The duration of the video that users watch is known as Audience Retention. Youtube says that Audience Retention is a BIG ranking factor. The goal is to maintain audience retention as close to one hundred percent as possible making sure that people are watching your videos from the start up until the end. If your audience retention is high, your video will also rank high on Youtube search results.




One question emerges


How do you come up with a video that keeps people watching? There are a lot of things to consider when making a video, but we can cover so much in this post. According to Youtube, almost twenty percent of the viewers exit the video within the first ten seconds. These things happen a lot when a blogger fails to show to a viewer that she is in the right place. Therefore, you should avoid long introductions and jump right into the topic to keep people watching as your ranking on Youtube highly depends on this factor.


What is the bottom line?


If your video is terrible, it won’t rank high, and your search engine optimization for Youtube will be poor. Google has lots of ways of ranking a webpage through SEO, backlinks, and so on. However, Youtube doesn’t have such a luxury. It primarily relies on Audience Retention.


Youtube Video Optimization


You have probably seen that Youtube automatically transcribes the videos and they are more than 95% accurate. That means Youtube now can “hear” what you are saying. Therefore, you should tell your keywords in your videos to optimize your videos so Youtube bots can understand you better and determine that your video is really about the topic you mentioned.


Promote Your Video




We talked enough about making high-quality videos that can maximize Audience Retention and experience signals which is essential. But you should get views on your videos so Youtube can measure those signals.

I will illustrate a couple of strategies you can use to get more views. You might promote your videos using different marketing approaches.


You can try mentioning your videos on Quora. This way your views may go through the roof. Not only your quantity of views will increase, but the views from Q&A sites will also be high-quality as well. Think about it for a second. Those people in Q&A sites are the ones who are genuinely interested in the topic. If you provide them with an answer which is not easy to find elsewhere on the internet, they will take it and probably watch the whole video. This will result in better Audience Retention and Youtube SEO. Or if you also have a website and people have subscribed to your newsletter, you can send emails directly, advising them to check out your video once it comes out.


Use playlists


Playlists are one of the most significant ways to get a lot of views and achieve better Youtube video optimization.  Also, playlists automatically start each and every video in the playlist. This can result in hundreds or maybe thousands of extra views per month. To set playlists up, you need to look over the videos. Find the ones that have something in common. Then, make a playlist and include those videos with similar topics.


To summarize, you need to learn a lot of tips and tricks to rank your Youtube videos and achieve a better Youtube SEO. However, the key to ranking your Youtube videos is to create outstanding content which will shine brightly on the eyes of the viewers. Making creative and quality content takes time and patience, but it will all pay off with a massive number of views, likes and most importantly the respect of your audience.